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send multipla vlan data

hello all; we create three vlan in our network and then do intervlan routing through multilayer switch. i want to communicate these vlan from other network.we can ping sub interface of router, but cant not ping default gatway, that are configured in ...

Nexus 7710 empty slots

I have a Nexus 7710 chassis with only 3 linecards out of possible 8. This leaves 5 slots free with the blanking plate cover. Is there any best practice on which slots to use for linecards when the chassis is not fully populated?I had issues in the pa...

Resolved! Nexus 5K Routing in Pending State

Good afternoon,   Does anyone know what would cause a Nexus 5K's routes to be in pending state?  We just brought up a new Nexus 5K and configured static routing for now when issuing "show ip route" all the routes are in pending state so I am not to p...

Resolved! best way to configuration switch port

I have three ISPs with the same database. Every customer has the potential to change the server every day.I'm using vlan50 to manage all device ,Which means that each port contains 2 Vlan (Management Vlan [50] and Service Vlan [10 or 11 or 12]). Note...

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Resolved! ACL confusion

I have a /23 subnet that I use for guest network access. I created an ACL to allow DNS to the DNS server and 80 and 443 to the Unifi controller for the captive portal.    This is the ACL I put in:  ip access-list extended GUEST_WIFIpermit tcp host 17...

mchance by Beginner
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Inter Vlan routing 2960x & 2921

Good morning all. I’m working towards separating management interfaces (Dell iDrac) into it’s own VLan that only my desktop has access to. Currently with the config below, any PC on VLAN1 can talk to VLAN20, but I'd like to lock that down to only the...

ASR 100-X Management Interface with HSRP doesn´t work

Hi, we have two ASR 1001-X with IOS-XE 9.03.13. On both Management Interfaces is  HSRP configured: Prime: interface GigabitEthernet0 vrf forwarding Mgmt-intf ip address no ip proxy-arp standby version 2 standby 961 ip 10.11...

lp-muc by Beginner
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Gratuitous ARP Problem

Hi,We’ve recently experienced arp issues on our core switches when our F5 load balancers failover. We have one F5 load balancer at each of our data centres which are connected via layer 2 dark fibre links. When the F5 load balancers failover they sen...

Resolved! Wildcard - 3rd octet changes, 4th is fixed

Hi, Summarizing the following: permit ip host host permit ip host host permit ip host host permit ip host host permit ip host host per...

khldk by Beginner
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Switch Management Authentication

Hi guys,    I need some help again.    How to configure a switch so that only a specific OU in active directory can log in to manage it, all changes to the config are logged somewhere, and vlans are set dynamically based on Active Directory OU of the...

Can't Install Cisco 2811 IoS, Help !

Hello. I keep getting the same response no matter what IoS I am trying to install. Can anyone help me ? Thank you in advance.   Upgrade ROMMON initializedAUTOBOOT entry: NVRAM VALUES: bootconf: 0x2, autobootstate: 2autobootcount: 0, autobootsptr: 0x0...