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I have saw some message in show logging: *%OSAPI-4-TIME_SHIFT_DETECTED: 1 wcm:  Detected forward time shift. Last: 1541238031.18436. --> Now:1541238032.307836.   *%OSAPI-4-TIME_SHIFT_DETECTED: STANDBY:3 wcm:  Detected backward time shift. Last: 15412...

tianwen by Level 1
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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to connect two 1100 power supply on ws-c3850-24p-s switch and if possible to configure it with 60 watts on each port?   Thanks in advance.

jisuuun24 by Level 1
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Hi experts,   If I want to deny Site B terminal ( access internal networks (,,,, accept Internet through Site A Internet Firewall, can the following PACL works?   Conf...

Hello     I found an article https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_us/techdoc/dc/reference/cli/nxos/commands/l2/spanning-tree-port-type-edge.html   It was explained how to use the commands: spanning-tree port type edge spanning-tree port type edge trunk   so ...

Hello all , i got  a lab and i would like to get some help. I have a router with for example .. 50mbps from the isp.  I want that specified ip (for example will have better QoS on the network, i mean that he will get more resource from t...

John Levy by Level 1
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Good Evening, I'm trying to setup MPLS across two datacenters, to avoid extending direct Layer 2 to avoid STP loops, but i've ran into an issue if the vlan terminates IP wise on one of the devices as xconnect cannot be configured on an interface with...


I have this switch and it appears one of my students have erased the ios. How and where can I download the software?  Is this the correct link https://software.cisco.com/download/home/279963375/type/280805680/release/12.2.55-SE12?i=!pp When we power ...

MrD by Level 1
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First off i want to apoligize as i am not a big networking guy but somehow have been tasked with this project.      We have a single connections going from each floor of our building to a central server room.  Each floor currently has a single fiber ...

Resolved! two networks

Dear Team ,   We have two networks one is use for data connectivity and second is for cctv.   right now we want make accessible each other .   i put between them 1800 router . data site is accessible from router port . cctv site is not accessible fro...

fahadnoor by Level 1
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