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Dear all,   we have 4 switch with 2 in VSS mode : - 2x WS-C6509-E (in VSS) - 2x WS-C4510R+E (in VSS)   When configuring etherchannel between them, we get the following error :   *Apr 12 03:44:44: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet1/1/10, chang...

issmoussa1 by Enthusiast
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I'm testing rolling out Private VLANs for VM Isolation in our VMWare Environment.  I've created a primary VLAN and an Isolated VLAN and associated the Isolated VLAN from the Primary VLAN on our Nexus 3172TQ.     I then added them to the uplink trunks...

Bgedney by Beginner
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Hi, I am trying to configure ASA 5525-x firewall but do not see any route info on it. Its ASA vesrion -7.9(2) I configured its int gi0/7 with IP address : and this port is connected with 2960-X switch's g1/0/2 port. the switch port i...

Hi,   I faced an incident with one of our customers where the AVAYA phones were not receiving DHCP IP on the access switch, only this avaya voice vlan wasn't working and all the other vlans were receving DHCP. The access switch was connected to the C...

hbaytie01 by Beginner
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Hello Guys,   My company just buy building with Infrastsructure which is having 2 6504 E as core switches and 4506 connected with it access layer switches. all access layer switches connected with SFP ports to core switches (one port to each 6504 E s...

ITexpert by Participant
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I am trying to build a new network using a 3560G and a C3900, from the 3900 I can reach directly to the internet however after connecting the switch I cannot ping the router from the switch nor can I reach the internet..... I have posted both configs...

Folks, couple concerns regarding this new switch we recently purchased...   -Do you upgrade the firmware here the same way as you do with the lower end catalyst switches?   -if we will only use this for a single network, in our case for iSCS traffic,...

insccisco by Beginner
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