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Hi team, I have configured the policing as below   policy-map Rate_limit class Ratelimit police 1500000 1000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop   If i go with the formula of CIR (cir=bc/tc), the value of CIR is 1509433 , which is coming more ...

I configured selective QinQ on a Cisco 4500X interface.  The remote vendor's switch is an MRV 9244.  After troubleshooting for about 2 hours, we were still unable to pass traffic over the C-tagged VLANs.  I can see the remote MAC addresses on the ven...

dhandjr by Level 1
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Hello everyone,   I have a problem that i tried to schematize below.  Except IP adresses my 2 routers have exactly the same configuration and have the same version and model. All my links are functionning properly and all my VLANs are configured the ...

tkachour by Level 1
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I am new to understanding the power requirements for these devices. I have been using the power calculator tool and reading the 4500 installation guide here, which outlines the power supply requirements.   I would like to run a 4200W power supply wit...

MikeO5422 by Level 1
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I am having issue with network connectivity in the ether channel configuration between 4506E and 3750X.   Here is the 4506E etherchannel configuration Cisco 4506E configuration CORESW#show run int t1/4/1Building configuration... Current configuration...

i have a stacked 3850 2 switches and i need to upgrade ios xe. when i check the flash it does not meet the  requirements for the new ios upgrade Requirement of new ios:Min Memory: DRAM 4096 MB Flash 2048 MBSize: 288.95 MB (302988468 bytes)  3850#sh f...

Resolved! ntp not working

we have  one switch cisco 3850 configured as a ntp master. when we update another switch time form ntp server its update time but, its time is diffrent form our ntp master switch. in ntp master we use just ntp master command and another switch we use...

hello all   We have two 6824-X-LE-40G configured on VSS for MPLS. there is a known bug for SLCP process that causes CPU issues where TAC its not giving fast feedback. is there anyone that deployed these devices in VSS for MPLS, etc with any specific ...

We are having intermittent high CPU issue. Running EEM script reveals major contributor is cmfib process. Can someone explain in detail what this process is ? Attached output.   911  2044643120  1002062434       2040 33.70% 16.92% 17.38%   0 cmfib   ...