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Hi Team,              I have  a query regarding connectivity to a router with a layer 3 switch. I want to  configure a L3 switch( Catalyst 2960x switch) with different Vlans with ip routing enabled. Also i want to that switch with a Cisco 2911 Router...

Hello, I am trying to limit a user's view of the 'show running-config' command to only those interfaces assigned to VLAN 10 i.e only ports assigned 'switchport access vlan 10' or trunk interfaces supporting VLAN 10. Is there any single command I use ...

Hello, I am trying to make a redundant practice. I can ping the server from my host.  The active switch L3 is SW-ISP-1 and the standby SW-ISP-2. If i down the interface fa0/2 the SW-ISP-2 will be the active. Here all is very good and when...

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Hi, First time use of CUCM, seemingly trivial config refuses to save: - CUCM - user webadmin (which is in groups Standard Audit Users, Standard CCM Gateway Administration, Standard CCM Super Users) - in CUCM added 2951 Gateway - in its...

Resolved! Class B Subnetting

ok i been going through subnetting and when it comes to class B subnetting i get confused. I am stuck at 2 problems and here they are. If can help me out,Problem 1:- = Network address255.255.255.128 = Subnet maskin other words / ...

Hi All,   Im trying to set a rule only allow email for one machine off one port of the attached MS switch on the MX Firewall. IE port 15.  I dont want the rule to apply for all ports etc.. I just want it for the one device.. How would I go about sett...

virtuali by Beginner
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Hi CSC,  Not in a position to test this at the moment but been wondering if it is as simple as i believe... or not. If i have multiple OSPF enabled devices on the same ethernet broadcast segment, can i use the neighbour statement to be selective abou...

GRANT3779 by Spotlight
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Hello all,   I am working on designing an ESXi lab with several Cisco components in it and I have question about about my edge and how I should route traffic to the internet.     Please see the attached diagram I created for this lab. My question is,...

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Hi,    May I ask if you encountered auto disconnect to NTP server? Our cisco C2960-LANBASEK9-M always disconnect every Sunday, our temporary solution is to reboot it. After reboot it will back to normal connection, and the NTP synchronized.         

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posemman by Beginner
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