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Hi   i am using C3850-12s- switch . My question is if i am using a converter in between a Two Cisco switches  Switch A and Switch B . i am Securing the Specific port of two switches using MAC id of that two Specific Ports on either side. Will it stil...

mohan4 by Level 1
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Resolved! 3750 Switch Stack

Hello, here is my scenario....I have 5 3750 switches stacked (1-5) and i want to remove switch 2 (slave). What would be the best way doing this WITHOUT any reboots?  Can I just remove switch 2 and then switch 3 will becomes slave? Is there any electi...

G3261 by Level 4
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I have a couple Cisco 3650's in a stack that act as my core switching in datacenter.  They do both L2/L3 for remote locations connected by a muni ring fiber deployment.  We also have several IDF is the same building but due to all the SFP slots in th...

jmichel by Level 1
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Hi, I'm looking for some advice relating to a firmware update I just attempted.   Switch: WS-C2960-48TC-S Existing Firmware:15.2(2)E6 New Firmware:15.2(2)E7 Downloaded file:c2960-lanlitek9-tar.152-2.E7.tar   I'm not a Cisco expert and I've always use...

chris2222 by Level 1
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Resolved! BGP Flapping

I changed the ip for security reasons. I logged onto a 1941 ( we will call it) and ran show log - found this. Not sure what to do to fix it though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Me Dec 1 20:15:35.668: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sen...

bfeole001 by Level 1
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Hi    We have a Cisco 2821 and looking at the logs    043669: Jun 19 12:14:23.795 CEST: %ENVMON-4-FAN_LOW_RPM: Fan 2 service recommended043673: Jun 19 12:14:53.795 CEST: %ENVMON-4-FAN_LOW_RPM: Fan 2 service recommended043678: Jun 19 12:15:23.795 CEST...

Hello allwe have a problem when we want to used VLAN between a Switch HP and a Switch CISCO. The CISCO Switch cannot see the VLAN configuring on the HP Switch. It's problably an 8021Q incompatibility ?Have you an idea about the subject ?Thanks for yo...

jine by Level 1
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I have created an Employee portal for the employees to register their personal devices. My authorization condition depends on devices being in the EmployeeDevices endpoint group. For the most part this works fine, but some of them end up in the Profi...

ergamusai by Level 1
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Hi All, Looking for a comparison between these two models of switches, in particular the SG550XG-24T vs SG350XG-24T. I would be planning on using these in a collapsed core design, running MSTP, and would like some form of first-hop redundancy. I can ...

Wayne_G by Level 1
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Resolved! TACACS ? command

Hello, I have my switches configured for TACACS authentication/authorization. I notice that users can still run the command '?' to see a list of commands. However this is incorrect as all commands are actually authorized on the TACACS server. Firstly...

Hello, my situation is that  have switches with no enable password configured i.e. simply a username and password. If I enter the command 'aaa new-model' and do not have the command "aaa authorization exec default local if-authenticated" configured t...