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Hi,I have found that question for the Tswitch exam and not really sure if it makes sense.What two things will occur when an edge port receives BPDU   The port becomes a normal STP switch port    The port immediately transisitions to a forwarding stat...

Steph1963 by Level 1
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I created below model. it was configured basically. now, i want to route a packet from Com 1 to Com 4 go through MSwitch 2. It means the path: Com 1 -> MSwitch 0 -> MSwitch 2 -> MSwitch 1 -> Com 4. Now, I have configured RIP method to all MSwitch and...


Hi all,   I am implementing a solution for a client that requires the use of two wan links, with the secondary one as backup and main as primary. I also need to implement QOS on 20mb link with 19 for data and 1mb for voice. Please could anyone provid...

Hello, one of our clients have RIP running between their core switch and their WAN router and OSPF over L2 MPLS to interconnect the other offices. They're also redistributing rip into OSPF and OSPF into RIP with no route filtering. The issue they're ...

NETAD by Level 4
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I have an old 1812 cisco router. I am newbie. I am learning the configuration of cisco devices with this. It's a bit difficult. This router has 2 WAN ports fe0 and fe1 and 8 switch ports from fe2 and fe9. I configured a VLAN on the switch ports and I...

rdp1960 by Level 1
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Hi,   I've searched and read about both, and CAM is easily understandable. TCAM is somewhat complex and not that straight forward. Can someone outline the differences or make a side by side comparison to how TCAM differs from CAM, to make the differe...

nuggetinu by Level 1
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Resolved! Vlan Access map

Dears, I want to block traffic within the subnet to reach each other but i have 4 no's of printers (IP's  249,250,251,252 ) in the same subnet that has to be reachable from the pc in the subnet, how I shld create a Vlan access map polic...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hi.   What can i do in situation when Flash: dont have enough free space to flash autonomous sw?   Tried with command: archive download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp:// ....   Looks like overwrite wont do the trick? Or what i do wrong?   Thanks

JanWan by Level 1
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Hi,   I'm trying to add Radius authentication and authorisation on an IOS router.   Authentication works fine but having problems with authorisation. I think the issue is the radius server I'm using but hoping someone might confirm and suggest if the...

Hi flocks,   When we are using wan connection and wan encapsulations like FRlay. how to get internet ,because wan for connecting networks and VPN. how internet and wan can be configured on a router if needed. With the wan can we get internet.

rammon by Level 1
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