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Hi Guys,   I would like to connect two small office locations (A and B) with 5-5 users and I would like to set up some kind of VPN solution between these sites. Is it possible these sites to have separate internet access? So I wouldn't like e.g. tunn...

Wolfi by Level 1
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I have a SG200-50 Smart switch attached to a Netgear router.  Currently only 12 ports are being used on the switch.  I'm experiencing severe packet loss (up to 30%) while trying to ping a server when I'm plugged into the switch.  I've tried different...

I was wondering what the recommended procedures are on a SPAN session that is currently not being used.  For example a SPAN session for a VLAN, when done troubleshooting, is it recommended to delete the SPAN or is it ok to leave it, in the event simi...

emcclend by Level 1
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I went through an issue earlier this year on a 3850 stack where we were trying to enable jumbo frames on a single L2 VLAN for a UCS environment connected via port channel to upstream switches. If the interfaces are both on the same UCS FI, jumbo work...

Hello,   I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I've deployed Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.2 into my environement. I'm currently using this for some RBAC Access for our helpdesk. We would like the ability for them to add voice VLAN's to ports for th...

Hi All,   My office have one primary link and one secondary Link, But while we are getting report for link utilization from solar wind we are finding that both primary and secondary link are utilized, Primary link is ok for me, But sometime secondary...

guestme by Level 1
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how i will deney/access specific ip range in my network?for example172.16.0.0/16 is using in my network but my requrement is i have to allow only to and other ip should not work in my network. Then how i will configure in cis...

We're using a few Nexus 3048 switches in production.  Authentication is set up with Radius on 2008R2.  The config shows as following:   aaa group server radius ACRRadiusaaa authentication login default group ACRRadius local   With a local account set...

Hi everyone, The client had a 2960 switch which for some reason went bad and they got a new SF300 48PP. Since yesterday, I was trying to set it up according to the notes I found about the old switch. So far I was only able to setup the static IP and ...


Hi all,   I've been tasked to implement the qos on Cisco 7Ks for our network.  Looking into this very topic .. there isn't much help available online anywhere.   I came across VOQ and VQI and still struggling to digest this.  I have found one thread ...

Hello, I have a WS-C3650-24PS running rapid-pvst. This has a default priority of 4096. I also have a WS-C2960-24PC-L  running pvst which has a default priority of 32768. Why are there two differnet default spanning-tree priorities ? Does rapid-pvst u...

tedauction by Level 1
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