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Hi, Some of the ip phone do not working on POE port Cisco 2960X-24PS-L, Power Controller reports power Tstart error detected. Plug in this phone to another vendor switch, then it is working fine. We have updatet the switch to the latest release. Also...

Switchport in errdisable between xxxxxxxsw1 and xxxxxxxsw5 - The ports related to the interlink between both switches were in errordisable This issue occurred at least 2 times after the "shut" and "no shut" of these ports currently the...

Nick.Chatz by Beginner
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Hi! Please look at the attachment file. What kind of configuration i need to put through qinq tagged packet in nexus core? HP add double tag to packet and i want to follow through it from nexus core. Is it normal trunk and add allowed vlan is should...

Hello, Not 100% sure this is the best place to post this but figured I would give it a go. Situation. User has a Lenovo desktop running windows 7 and has a shortcut on his desktop pointed to a share folder located in our DC. We have a 50 meg connec...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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Hi guys Hope someone can help with this VERY simple query as I'm making a real pigs ear of it. I have a blank router that I'm trying to apply some config on. What are the user/password commands that I need to add to the device? Whatever I configure...

Kindly confirm jumbo frames are supported on below mention routers(Hardware/IOS). Model No                                Interface                            IOS CISCO3945                    FastEthernet0/0/0            Version 15.1(4)M2 CISCO3945 ...

hello is there any way to have a switch port detect that a access port is down, shut the port and no shut another? we have a very important piece of hardware that has an exact copy running right next to it, and a cold spare on the shelf. as it stands...

We are trying to setup QoS Bandwidth policing by subnet but the policies we've defined aren't getting any hits. Only the default policy is applying.All of our /24 subnets terminate on the 3850 stack, we are trying to police bandwidth inbound/outbound...

Epiccloud by Beginner
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Dear All, Having recently upgraded a Nexus 5k estate from v5 to v7, I was surprised to find some of the VPC configuration disappeared during the upgrade and spanning-tree was blocking one of the port-channels. When I tried to recover this by restorin...

j.a.m.e.s by Participant
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