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Hi.. I have two routers with two interfaces. INTERNAL and EXTERNAL I have one HSRP Group on each interfeac EXTERNAL Group 0 INTERNAL Group 1 Problem is that EXTERNAL Group can be active on Router1 and INTERNAL on Router2. How can I define that bot...

I have a small office with 4 or 5 pc's, networked via switch (no server) which is connected to a cisco 800 series router. There is an IP phone system also configured through the Cisco. I have a simple Network drive plugged into the switch, mappe...

Murdo by Level 1
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I have noticed that the setup information for switches states on step 2 that "Do not use -n, where n is a number, as the last character in a host name for any switch".  I cannot locate a reason why this is not valid or what the effect is when using a...

hello. ISP give me 1 fiber and 3 public subnet IPs. make my route WAN IP, and is my second public subnet IPs. When 1:1 NAT(, not cause Routing Loops, and when make port NAT( then will cause...

howardwen by Level 1
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Dear Team, I have created sub interfaces on an ASA 5510,i have to route one subinterface traffic to the outside interfcae to access the internet,i tried to create the route to pass traffic from that subinterface to the outside interface.But its stat...

Resolved! Inter Vlan Routing

I am relatively new to the use of Packet tracer. I have been given a problem by my supervisor. Please refer to the picture attached. I had made 3 vlans. Vlan 10 consists of PC 1 and 11. Vlan 20 consists of PC 2 and 22 and Vlan 30 consists of 3 and 33...

Hello Friends, Is it possible to monitor via SNMP the status of a FEX 2K Connected to a 7K? We would like to monitor if it is online or offline and also the power supplies status. Regards,

when configuring the NTP Client: ntp server X.X.X.X whose address is the X.X.X.X? also, at least in Packet Tracer, there is this weird "key" part of the command that's not in any study material i'm reading... ntp server X.X.X.X <key> what is that? Pa...

Hi Sir / Madam, Just want to clarify with you all. 1. can anyone break the password and amend the setting? and put back the original password? 2. do it has any ways to amend the setting on Cisco Cat 3850 or Cat 2960 switches without ant password? 3....

lplooh888 by Level 1
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Hi I have a strange issue with authentication on n5k aaa config aaa authentication login default group radius localaaa authentication login console localaaa accounting default group radiusaaa authentication login error-enable radius-server timeout ...

Resolved! Private Vlans

I'm looking into Private Vlan's and i understand, i think, the concepts. However i just wanted to ask how this works in a distribution/access environment. L3 SWITCH1 ------------ L3 SWITCH2 <-- both are using hsrp or vrrp and ospf |     |           ...

godfrey_n by Level 1
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hi sir / madam, Can anyone give me a solution how to create log files to keep track some records as below : 1. time record to anyone login to config terminal, 2. any activities has been done after login. I hope that all the expert here can help me ...

lplooh888 by Level 1
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