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Trunk link not connecting

I'm replacing a switch and I can't get the trunk link to the core connect. I'm not 100% sure its not the fiber link to the core, but it was previously working and I traced it with a light pen. There are two available fiber links in this comm room and...

DHGmem by Beginner
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C9300-24UX-EDU specs?

In some pricelists, the model C9300-24UX-EDU appears but at this moment the data sheet https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/catalyst-9300-series-switches/nb-06-cat9300-ser-data-sheet-cte-en.html doesn't mention that model. Does ...

Resolved! Cisco 1921 Router default password invalid

Hi All,I am facing a weird issue where after resetting the Cisco router 1921, i am trying to login using default username "cisco" and password "cisco"and i am getting password invalid error. I have hard resetted the router using the the key in the ba...

kaushal by Beginner
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Cat3850 won't boot into bootloader

As the title suggests, I am able to power on my Catalyst 3850 but it will not even make it to the bootloader. No lights except for the PSU and fan lights turn on. I've tried RJ-45 console cable and Micro-USB console cable. Not getting anything to sho...

Resolved! 4500x vss issu question

We have two 4500x switches in a VSS configuration running as our core. Recently we started getting some parity errors when we enabled some monitoring/polling of switch statistics. Cisco Tac has instructed us to reboot the core to clear the problem. W...

RBrower by Beginner
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Need help with l3 intervlan routing

I want to route between vlans using layer 3 switches and also route from the vlan to router 0So i have configured the vlans on sw1 and sw2, i have also configured SVI for all vlans on L3 switchesi have enabled routing already, trunk have been configu...

14th jan topology.png

Resolved! Cisco Access Terminal Server

I would like to add a Cisco Access Terminal Server into my infrastructure but it's ben so long since I was a network engineer my knowledge of what to buys is lacking.I used to have a Cisco 2500 series router with and octal async cable which plugged i...

RX Power low warning ? Is this a big problem

Hi Everyone, I have 2 switches connected together through a port channel, and i am getting this error in the logs..SiteOpsOfficeSw204(config-if-range)# Jan 12 08:03:30.861 EST: %SFF8472-5-THRESHOLD_VIOLATION: Gi1/0/50: Rx power low warning; Operating...

joshhboss by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco MDS 91485 16G Fiber Channel Switch

I have 2 New Cisco Fiber Channel Switches. If I connect via HTTP will it give me a GUI or do I need a particular program. I tried using the Network Assistant but it didn't work. I know in the past with older switched we used a program but I can't rem...