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Hey Guys, I kinda got stuck in a network mess at my new job. To give you some background info: Our dept is a sub dept of huge company. And our network was originally desgined to be a flat L2 network. Someway along the line some crafty network guru in...

muhammedt by Level 1
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Hello, Experiencing very unusual issue on Cisco 2911 series router. After upgrading to v15.6(1)T and rebooting, all interfaces Administratively Down. So I "no shut" on the interfaces to bring them up and reload the router. After the router comes ...

Hi We have 2 nexus 7ks each with dual supervisor. We also have VDCs configured. Now the management port on the Sups are connected with each other for the keepalive. This means we have no remote access to the management VDC.  Is there anyway I can set...

Hello, I have a simple question because I did not find any reply to it: I have configured a redondant L2 topology with 1 core switch and many access switches with some L2 physical loops. Spanning-tree Priority 4096 has been set for all vlans in core...

s.couland by Level 1
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Hi all, Can someone please advise if it is possible to manage the above device by any other means than CLI? For our other Cisco Devices we use Cisco Network Manager but I don't believe CNA will work with the Nexus devices. Also I believe that there w...

Resolved! DNS

Hi all,  I'm trying to create IP SLA for DNS .. I can ping the ip from cisco and can get trace for it . but when i show the ip sla for DNS i get error return code  Latest operation start time: 20:44:34 UTC Sun Apr 24 2016Latest operation return cod...

I have been given some Cisco ACE 4710's to look after recently as part of an old contract for a customer.  I have had to replace one of the units recently die to a hardware fault and I have the replacement unit from Cisco.  I wanted to know if there ...

Toucanzoo by Level 1
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Hello everyone!One of our end customers noticed the following log messages appearing multiple times on his N7K running  version 6.0(4):%MTM-SLOT8-2-MULTICAST_SOURCE_MAC_LEARNT: Inserted dynamically learnt multicast source mac [MAC_ADDRESS] Please exe...

Hi Everyone, We have 2811 configured with PIM. interface FastEthernet0/0 description outside ip address ip pim sparse-mode ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly zone-member security out-zone duplex auto speed auto!interfac...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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