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I have a bunch of questions but I'll start with this one. I have a Fortiwifi 90d with 8 vlans. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80. I also have 2 cisco SF300-48PP switches set in layer 2 mode. Im trying to configure my workstation vlan (80) and voice v...

Hello All, Here is the scenario  6500 with EIGRP already enabled.  It has a Point to Point connection to another location.  If I add a 2nd Point to Point (Different carrier ) is ther eanyting I need to do to the config after I put the IP address on...

I have a basic design question. We have few remote sites connected to the two cores, the two cores (6500)  at two different sites are running OSPF between them and to the remote sites. The two 6500 are running eBGP to another partner, and iBGP betwee...

I have SG300-28 28-Port Gigabit Managed Switch, and tried to set a port mirroring to recieve packet on my laptop so I can capture them via Wireshark. chose source port and destination port, and Type: Rx+Tx But unfortunately Wireshark didnt capture an...

mbaqi0001 by Level 1
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I have purchased two Cisco 3925 plus the DATA License L-SL-39-DATA-K9=, I received the email with the licenses, two, and when I try to claim the PAK I get the following error in Cisco Product License Registration: “you are requesting multiple quantit...

Resolved! vlans hsrp asa

People i need your help My network currently has a router connecting to the WAN and then it is connected to a cisco asa 5515x however the outside address is on the interface connected to the router from the ASA. My plan is to remove the router and re...


i have 2 building one of them i have a Cisco SG102-24 with a transceiver MGBSX1-C and the other has an HP switch hp 1920-16g with HP X121 1G SFP LC SX Transceiver both are lc sx and the distance is less than 600 m if i connect a MM fiber cable they w...

Hi,I am trying to create VLANs to segment the company network to cater for grow. I have found this document (id: 41860) “How to configure intervlan routing on layer 3 switches” and found it is close to my requirement. I have follow the steps an...

tan.joseph by Level 1
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I have two 6880's.  They were configured for VSS.  Then I wanted to separate them and make them stand alone.  When I did that the switch A came up fine.  But the switch B did not go back to switch B it stayed switch A and erased the configuration for...

bryanrobh by Level 1
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Hello,          my name is Marian and i am from Slovakia. English is not my native language so i apology for my misstakes. From title you can see the reason why am i writting. I hope i do not bothering you and you can find some time for me :) My them...

Resolved! IP device tracking

Hello All, I have a few IPs on the network that i need to find.  They don't have SVIs like most of all the VLANS, so i cant run sh ip arp.  I can't do CDP because they aren't cisco and the dhcp snooping does not work on these devices because they ar...

afsharki2 by Level 1
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Hello,    I'm trying to find out the stacking capabilities and limitations around the newer 3850 XS switch. Based on the Data Sheet it says we can stack ther 12XS and 24XS. Is there a limit to the number of switches we can have in the stack and are t...