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I understand that when you insert a service module into a 2921 that you need to configure a IP address to access the sm card. My question, is the best practice to leave that interface that is created under the router and switch a Layer three 30 bit c...

We currently use EIGRP in our network.  We have a partner per say, joining our network and we want to keep their routing separate and hidden.  Was wondering if there was a way to use VRF's in our current EIGRP network?  Our Cisco rep provided us with...

i need to know when i add two supervisor engine in 6807-XL , the two supervisor engine work together i mean it will aggregate the preformance or one supervisor engine work as an active and the other one is backup (works as fail over ).

Hi Community,we've Set up several SG300 in our Network. Every SG300 is connected to the Master Switch. Each SG300 operates in a own VLAN and running a DHCP Server for his VLAN. Every DHCP Server is running with a other IP Range.Sometimes a new Client...

Hi Everyone, Our company has grown from a small business to a medium-large company with just over 500 employees. I came on early this year and my first project was to migrate to MPLS and get traffic flowing into our Data Center, which is complete.My ...

nsateam01 by Level 1
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Hi Team, after converting 6500 cisco switch  to vss, is there existing config will gooff or still will be available with different interface number? - i need existing configuration should be available after vss any challenges please ?

Resolved! Vlan traffic check

Hi,CIsco 3850, "show vlan rate " command is not found.Could you let me know command to check Vlan Traffic Status and what is percentage of network bandwidth for Vlan ?Thanks

Hi everyone, I just started working in a company  which they have only one ASA 5520 firewall but no router, can i use this firewall to router the network?how my topology will be? Is it possible to do router on a stick in ASA firewall?all we have is o...

We recently installed and will be migrating to a catalyst 3850 switch stack in our environment and need to know how to assign a subnet to a vlan?  I've looked in the documentation and being new to Cisco and CLI, couldn't see where to configure this.

ccooper77 by Level 1
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