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Hi All,Could anyone help me on the following question. As I know that the packet have to route from router to router via the destination MAC address of the gateway. However if I have the gateway(both end) that have different subnet(lan) interface tha...

wayne loh by Beginner
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Hi,I'm Currently new to the setup as per review of all configuration I have no clue whos giving the ip address to my IP Phone.Also I check all the router configuration and our DHCP server but there's no range for our IP Phone.DHCP range - ...

First time working with BGP on the ASA, and I don't know if there are any unusual characteristics on the ASA versus in IOS. I have a main internet gateway with two border routers to different ISPs on the outside of an ASA FO pair, and a disaster reco...

jmeggers by Beginner
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Resolved! qos trust question

Hello,If the router or switch gets two packets, one marked with better dscp/cos and the other one with no marks - just best effort and the port trusts QOS. So my question is: do the switch/router will automatically treat the marked packets better or ...

from88 by Enthusiast
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When you define a QOS policy on the Nexus and you have a priority queue do you have to allocate bandwith for this queue. According to this QOS policy that was presented at Cisco Live it didn't reserve any bandwidth. N5k(config)# policy-map type queui...

Hello,  I have two switches running as root for 2 instances in MSTP, each one is root for a different instance:  vlansrootMST16  30A (2960X)MST22  49  50  168  B (3750G) and then another switch model 3750G (called Switch) connected to both roots via ...

antilope1 by Beginner
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(TL;DR - Traffic shaping is the solution to avoid total output drops ?)Hello,we have 2 offices connected via a layer 1 SDH link of the provider. Link speed is 100MB.From each side, it connects with our 2960 Cisco.QoS is disabled on both 2960.Each tru...

I have a 2951 router that I have installed a SM-X-ES3D-48-P Etherswitch into.I cannot figure what I am missing to get the POE on the switch module to work.Here is the "sh power inline" from the router:router#sh power inlinePowerSupply   SlotNum.   Ma...