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hello friendsl  was upgrading my cisco 3750 switch and by mistake press the yes button when reloading.l have also deleted the flash image to make more room before the upgrade and now it cannot boot again. this is all l see belowAS-Salis#2[Resuming co...

Hi all.  I have several L2 switches with a single connection to both core switches.  The core switches are L3 and running HSRP for all vlans. In our environment clients have Office 2010 installed.  Because of this an executable named Groove.exe, Shar...

CompCJtoo by Level 1
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Have setup an RV320 with VLAN 1, 25,100. VLAN 1 are for administration purposes. VLAN 25 for company LAN and VLAN 100 for guests.VLAN 1 = 25 = 100 = switch i setup same way and everything i...

Chaintech by Level 1
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Dear All,  I try to initialize an sg300 sb switch, but i have no luck with the remote ssh access. I can reach it via ssh from the same subnet, but as I try to ssh via openvpn I can't. I connect to my office via openssh, and I can reach all the office...

I have 2x v10000 Websense Security Gateways that are connected to 2x 6500 SUP720. When I turn on cluster management function between Websense appliance, they speak to each other only if they are connected in the same 6500. When they are connected one...

hencar by Level 5
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Hi Guys i recently had my ccie sp exam and i face the following issue i really appreciate if some one can tell the route cause of this issue. Here is the topology  XR2--------XR3---------R5-                 -               - R7----------XR4---------R...

rajput001 by Level 1
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Resolved! IOS-2960X

Hi. I have been running two 2960X switches(ver- 15.0(2)EX4) in stack. I need to downrade image to 15.0(2)EX3 due to bug in current image.I tried below image to download on flash1 & flash2 through "copy tftp flash1" command but it gave error of timed ...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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Hi all, I trying settings the follow environment.  Exists any tecnology permit the vlans the client 1 go encapsulation into vlan 100 and traffic client 2 into vlan200. I trying follow setting switchport mode dot1q-tunnel I reserarching the 802.1ad an...

r-barbosa by Level 1
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Hello Friends,  we have WS-C6513-E ( IOS 15.0(1)SY7a ) with VS-SUP2T-10G.We started receiving the following errors : from show log : %C6KENV-4-MINORTEMPALARM: EARL 7/0 device-1 temperature crossed threshold #1(=110C). It has exceeded normal operating...

jgeralsky by Level 1
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Resolved! QOS query

Team, I have made QOS on the edge router to serve the bandwidth for Voice and set it EF bit. My question is, if incoming packet is already EF bit marked and when it will reach to edge router , then what router will do. Will it remove the ef marking a...

rkashyapv by Level 1
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HiI dont understand what i the following commands do, can someone please let me know authentication control-direction in authentication event fail action authorize vlan 100 authentication event server dead action authorize vlan 140 authentication eve...