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VPLS and Spanning Tree

Hello All! Greetings! 1. We have 3 switches installed in different geological locations and are interconnected via SDH network.  applications used on these switches fall under the same subnet and very well communicating via SDH Network since everythi...

Resolved! cat2960などのVLAN表示とトランク、アクセス各ポートの一括表示の仕方

お世話になっております。Cat2960などのL2SWにおいてトランクポートとVLANメンバシップの一括表示(このトランクにはVLANなになにが通過許可)とか、アクセスポートでVLANメンバシップの一括表示(int Gi1/0/1はVLANなになにでアクセスポートで活性化済みとか、、)、とか、VLANメンバシップでトランクポートかアクセスポートが一発でわかるコマンドとかないでしょうか? よろしくお願いいたします。 

Cisco Small Business Switches - Reload Reason

Does anyone know how to get a last reload reason out of a Cisco Small Business switch? Specifically the SG300-10MPP? I have one that is reloading and I need to know why, but "show version" as I would use on an IOS-XE switch doesn't have the same outp...

The Same Mac address is shown in 2 VLAN,

HI any Idea what is the reason to cause this ? I just have assigned port Gi1/0/1 to VLAN700.Please help.ABC#sh mac address-table add 00-17-65-DC-B8-GD          Mac Address Table-------------------------------------------Vlan    Mac Address       Type...

CAT 4500 switch

is there a read-only account on the switch I can use to run arp command on each mac address? Need the output to include IP addresses for each MAC would need to be looked up. (and then nslookup on each IP).    

Dynamic routing using BGP with Cisco Nexus

Hello, We've several Cisco Nexus models, like 55xx, 9k3, and 6k. We're also using VPC technology with FEX devices.Reading the manuals - i saw that the best way to make a server peer with Nexus switches using VPC is to enable peer-router and peer-gate...

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Resolved! PoE on C1121-8PLTEP

Hi, We have started using C1121-8PLTEP in our branches. Today needed to use the PoE for the first time. Cannot get power on any of the 8 ports. This looks ominous:sh powerMain PSU :Configured Mode : N/ACurrent runtime state same : N/APowerSupplySourc...