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Resolved! IP Services - 3560X

Hello All,I have finished installing an license upgrade from ipbase to ipservices in a 3560X switch.  Executing the show license command indicates that the "License State: Active: In Use" is set for ipservices. The reason for the upgrade is so that I...

Multicast causing high CPU

Hi, In my network we are facing high CPU causing because of multicast traffic... The source of mylticast having 155.x.x.x and Group 239.x.x.x.currently we have placed a access-list to stop causing high CPU as below but now concerned is that we are n...

derawat28 by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP setting Default Route though routing

I have 3750e and 6513 that is using EIGRP routing and setting default route to another switch, instead of firewallHow do i find out where these two switches are getting the EIGRP route fromHere is what is on both switches D*EX [170/3072] vi...

Resolved! WS-X6716-10G-3C local switching

Hi!Today I have all 16 ports connected. 8 of them peaks on 2Gbit/sec.The other 4 is dived into 2 port-channels an both portchannels are peking on approx 10Gbit/s at the same time (backup data dat goes from one end to another)Port-channel 1 goes to po...

Nexus 7k's with 2k fex connected - cannot communicate with devices connected to different FEX

I have two Nexus 7k's that each have two FEX's connected to them.  The VPC between the 7k's is up and operational.  The FEX connections are online as well.  Here is my issue.  If I have device connected to FEX, it cannot communicate with a device in ...

deyster94 by Contributor
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Hello,I am looking to transition from VLAN 1 to VLAN 11 on my Catalyst 2960s as per Cisco best practices.  When I look at 'show vlan' I get the following output:VLAN Name                             Status    Ports---- -------------------------------...

Vss failover takes 10 minutes

Hi, We have a two 6509 chassis in vss mode (122-33.SXI6). Currently a 'redundancy force-switchover' takes 10 minutes to complete (before we can access switch on management IP).  We are running sso with nsf.  Is this expected given standad HSA and we ...

98% CPU on New Core Switch 4507

I find that it's so abnormal CPU performance on 4507, the process "iosd" occupies lots of CPU resource, the details as below, anyone who can help me ?Core_WS-C4507#sh proc cpu sorted Core 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 8%; one minute: 27%;  fiv...