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Resolved! Management of stacked switches in DMZ

What is the best approach to handle managmenet of switches in a DMZ? We are implementing a dual firewall solution (front external facing, and a rear internal/DMZ facing).I would like to be able to manage the switches from inside the corporate network...

Resolved! ver. 15 firmware for old routers

Good day,having some troubles to get the newest firmware for the Cisco old routers, such as: 1700 (от 1710 до 1760)2600 (от 2610 до 2650XM)26913600 (3620, 3640 и 3660)37253745Can anyone tell me, will they work with IOS 15.x or not and how to get the ...

Puerto 80 cerrado

Estoy desarrollando la pagina web de mi empresa y necesito que se conecte con mi servidor pero la empresa que está a cargo de la pagina me dice que no se pueden conectar porque tengo el puerto 80 cerrado, alguien me puede ayudar ???  Saludos.        ...

Resolved! Cisco 1921 no username password commad

Hi,I  ahve countered an issue today. I was working on 1921 which is used as  test router in ISP. I have loaded a router with test config with  username & password in running config. After a while i have removed  the username & password with no userna...

Resolved! OSPF Route Scenario

Hello peoples, I have a  scenario where I have a single router being multihomed to two different  area 0 routers. I want to turn this new multihomed router up on a new  area, say area 2. These area 0 routers will be the ABRs for the new area  2. I wa...

Ordering ISR-G2 Interface

                 Hello,I have Cisco ISR G2  2921,  and it has 3-gigabitetherent interfaces.  i would like to add one more GigabitEthernet-Interface into my Router.  Can anyone tell me what is the exact part-number for ordering  a  (GigabitEthernet I...

Resolved! PACL Issue

Experts, I'm configuring a PACL on my L2 Switch to block a user. Both of us reside on the same L2 Switch and the same VLAN. On the Switch, I conifgured this statment globally on the Switch:mac access-list extended Deny deny   host xxxx.xxxx.xxxx anyU...

Resolved! Could we establish OSPF Adjacent where our neighbours Undirectly connected

Dear All,Could we establish OSPF Adjacent where our neighbour is in Undirectly connected condition (like BGP cmiiw ),without any tunneling protocol like this picture below :(R1 want to establish Adjacent with R3 but R2 only running static routing)Th...

Resolved! Syntax of Interface Range

Hi, I have a Catalyst 2950. I wanted to use the Interface Range function.However, I couldn't get it to work.I want to apply to all ports. So I type:enableconfigure terminalinterface range fast FastEthernet 0/0-23But, it complains..pointing either at ...

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