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Hi,I have trouble with broadcast storm control on WS-X6704-10GE linecard on switchport with dozen of vlans trunked. Settings on interface regarding storm control currently are:   interface TenGigabitEthernet3/2storm-control broadcast level 8storm-con...

RamJ55775 by Level 1
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Hello everybody,I have a lot of vlans trunkated to one link(trunk). If I move root bridge for 1 vlan, do i have impact(recalculating) to all vlans in this trunk or only for this one.Thanks! 

usskenet by Level 1
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Hello community, the question is following:   |-----------{router}-----------|small                                bignetwork                         network I have to allow some traffic flows from small network to big network and visa versa.For that...

Andrey128 by Level 1
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I need  to demonstrate to a customer in the industrial segment, the functionality of mapping MAC-to-VLAN by centralized way without using 802.1x cause many devices used in his network does not support that protocol.For clarity, the client would like ...

sergios by Level 1
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Running cable diagnostics tdr on a linecard attached to the active supervisor works fine but when I try on a linecard in the peer chassis I get no output... am I missing something?

noisey_uk by Level 1
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 Hello I am seeing a strange issue on the MAC address table Attached is the drawing of the setup When I do a show mac address table for a particular MAC which is the MAC address of the WLC I see all the VLANs being shown but not the one for 900. any ...

Hi dear, i am new born switching. So i need all your advise to me.Actually, I want to create MAC security. I have 6 switches(1 3750, and 5 2960). I want only my clients in the organization can plug to switch port, if clients bring their own PC and pl...

pdara0001 by Level 1
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I am experiencing an unusual memory issue with a Cisco 7604 router, specifically the memory on the Supervisor Engine (SUP32-GE-3B) and how it pertains to IOS requirements. I was preparing the router for a customer, but it crashed when attempting to l...

Lowkey424 by Level 1
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I have a nexus 5548 with a layer 3 card that will become the "core" of my network.  It is replacing a cat 4510r.  My goal is to move things over gradually, so I need to extend some vlans over a trunk.  I have routing set up to the old core.The proble...