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I'm not sure this is the right section but I try.For a project (less than 100 branch offices and 2 Headquarters connected in an hub&spoke topology with IPSEC over MPLS among branch and HQ) I’m looking for the best device which cover the following ite...

Hi, We are facing some high count of tcn changes  VLAN02312 is executing the rstp compatible Spanning Tree protocol  Number of topology changes 1895 last change occurred 4d20h ago          from GigabitEthernet5/5 Gi8./5 is access switch, Pls confirm ...

Resolved! Restart STP

Is it possible to restart the spanning-tree protocol on a catalyst switch after disabling stp on a vlan without restarting the switch?I have removed the STP instance from each of my (two) vlans on my switches (they do not have redundant links back to...

petenixon by Participant
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Resolved! Write MEM

I am trying to create a very SIMPLE - initial config for my 2960x switches and after some initial settings I perform a show run and all looks OK. Then when I perform a write mem and log back in, I see a major change to the running config with numerou...

Pat Gainer by Beginner
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Hi,I thought the C3KX-NM-10G would show up as a switch service module according to the documentation for upgrading the code. Why isn't this listed but shows up in inventory?Thanks.Switch#sh invNAME: "1", DESCR: "WS-C3750X-12S"PID: WS-C3750X-12S-S   ,...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Hi allI am looking at some new switches, I can see the 2960X and the 2960S, They can both do gigabit and stacking, what are the main differences between them? cheers Carl 

Dears ,Im trying to do IP SLA for failover between 2 WAN links, when i put show trck the object 33 is coming as undefined ? why like this ? Do u have any document for IPS SLA config with boolean expression ?The below is configtrack 1 ip route

Haris P by Enthusiast
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I am trying to set up a vpn tunnel between my home network and my office network.  Previously I was using an 861w router as my home gateway and I used it as an EzVPN client and all was good.  I replaced the 861w router with a Linksys router because I...

Does anyone here know why routing in IPv6 prefer to use link-local address to build adjacency with neighbor router instead of using the global unicast address or it's original address as source address on hello packet? For example in OSPFv3 every hel...

aldindha17 by Beginner
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The users have been complaining about the network is slowness , after checking each lay2 switches, I found under each vlan the no ip route-cache is configured, the module is 2960, I am not sure if the command is there by default or configured manuall...