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Catalyst 4510R+E IOS XE 3.4.2

We upgraded our 4510 from 3.2.1 to 3.4.2 over the weekend.  The switch slots are fully populated with dual supervisors and a mixture of PoE and non-PoE 48 port copper gigabit modules.  Now, all the unused ports have their link lights lit up in orange...

Resolved! Extend LAN through 4510

I want to extend my LAN by connecting a 2960 to my in place 4510. Can this be done as a simple daisy chain through one of the existing ports,(say Gi8/48) connected to an uplink port on the 2960? Or do I need to use the uplink port on the supervisor o...

defualt router in opsf

Hi!stub is a area in which AS External LSAs are not flooded, in this case ABRs at the stub area use LSAs(network summary) to advertise a single defualt router(destination into the area.In this case what is the function of defualt router? wha...

ASR1006 SSO failover

Hi,I scheduled a maintenance to upgrade our asr1006 router the other day. When I reloaded it after uploading the image it was down for about 7 minutes or so. It got me thinking. Could I have failed over the R1 then, reloaded R0 then, failed back to R...

Resolved! 2851 used for Access Server?

Hello everyone. I managed to snag a great deal on a 2851 a few months back. Now I'm getting ready to setup my lab, and (thanks to Bryant and a couple of other sources) I've learned about terminal access servers. Since I am using the 2851 as my home r...

Static and dynamic mac addresses

Hello,I just need a refresher here, I have  a few PC plugged in to a switch and when I do  show mac-address-table some ports are dynamic and some are static, why are some static?I have this configured on all ports: switchport mode access switchport p...

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