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Is there a way to protect a network from the malicious use of ICMP without breaking PathMTU or disabling ping and traceroute?  I usually do not add the no ip unreachables command on interfaces within my inside network but do have it on all of my inte...

Hi, I am using cisco WS-C4500X-32 switch and configured VTY with command of "transport input ssh" but when im trying to do ssh it gives error. "Network error: Connection refused" then i have configured "transport input all" and Iam able to do telnet ...

Good Day guys , i've purchased some of the new 3560 cg catalyst switches. Am looking for some guidance/assistance into the procedure to change the default (vlan 1) to my management vlan (x). I have been successful in the addition of all my  vlans inc...

What have I donw wrong here, systems can not connect to the internet using this router. IncomeElectrix#sh runBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 4060 bytes!! Last configuration change at 07:20:49 UTC Mon Mar 10 2014 by income2version 15....

prompt2k2 by Level 1
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 2.5               DISTRIBUTION SWITCH A          A Distribution switch shall collect 1000Base-SX uplinks from Edge Switches and transmit10GBASE-LR Ethernet signals to two core switches. Distribution switch shall bea chassis-style multi-layer switch....

Hi all,I would like to get opinions on how to setup a new 3850 to make it work in a stack. I will be replacing a 3550 in production with a new 3850. This is what I have:Switch 1: 3850 [ws-c3850-24p] Lan baseSwitch Ports Model              SW Version ...

Seems WS-C3550-48-SMI is one of the affordable IOS switch available.Does it have SSH capability?If not, does Cisco give out free IOS updates that have crypto in them?Anyone tried the switch?Thanks.

sendalot7 by Level 1
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Hello,my topology is  Cisco6509(vss)-----trunk------2960sthe core switch are running VSS and have double link to access switch 2960s, and the all layer 2 inerface (user gateway) are configured on 6509and the 2960s has user vlan 195 ,and managment vla...

luodaheng by Level 1
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Hi,I'm getting the below error in Cisco AP, due to this none of the clients are getting associated. What could be the reason for this?%LEAPCL-3-FAILED: AP Authentication to the WDS failed

Ajay Raj by Level 1
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