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Hi, We have a stack of 3 3750s in our data center.We are virtualizing a truckload of hardware and our new storage solution need 10G switches so we are thinking of getting a couple of 3524sIdeally we would be able to replace the 3750 and consolidate e...

Hi all,On a L3 Switch if I create a SVI:int vlan 10ip configure two switchports: int range g1-2mode trunkallow vlan 10and enable OSPF: router ospf 1network OSPF multicast Hello messages will be send down those trunk l...

Hi,I have a question about the SFP/SFP+ modules on the 3750X switch stacks.Is it possible to use all 4 ports as 10Gb at the same time or will it be reduced to 1 GB for each port?Thanks,Waqas

Has anyone seen this error:ERROR: Module 1, 2 returned status: Insertion of TCAM entry failed due to Spanslogic TCAM constraintsWe are getting this error when trying to modify an ACL for WAAS/WCCP redirection.  TAC had asked us to disable the atomic ...

joeclarktx by Beginner
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I have a goal of segregating some internal networks at my company.  The catalyst for this project is PCI compliance.  Internally I run two 6509-E chassis in VSS and 4507 switches in my closets.  These 4507 switches have a direct trunk link to my 6509...

Zach Smith by Beginner
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I can't seem to get the below Nat config to work. I removed the crypto from the fa0/0 for testing. Why can't i get xlates when I ping or As you can see my access list isnt getting touched?What am i missing?????===============...

Hello,I have a 2821 router with a PRI from one carrier plugged into Controller T1 0/0/0, T1 (PtP) in 0/1/1, and a 2nd PRI from a different carrier plugged into Controller T1 0/3/0.  The 0/3/0 PRI is new and am bringing it up for testing. The service ...

Hi all,im using 2960 24 port switch. it has rapid-pvst, i given uplink to SG-300 from G0/2.the out put of Sh int trunk is given below.Port        Mode             Encapsulation  Status        Native vlanFa0/22      on               802.1q         tru...

N. Deepak by Beginner
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Hi,We had a recent change on our network wherein we changed over to MHSRP from plain HSRP and distributed vlans on the Core-Switches on odd-even basis. Ever since the change Multicast receivers on the odd VLANs are experiencing breakages in multicast...

AmitLohumi by Beginner
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