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Hi I have two nexus in vpc domain 1. VPC is running fine without problem. When I configured the config sync on both nexus, switch profile status shows peer unreachable. Wondering why peers are unreachable in ONLY conf-sync case, when both vpc and swi...

kthned by Participant
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Resolved! 3750x

Hi GuysI have 2 3750x stacked together. when monitoring them I can see Memory address pool 1 and memory address pool 2. Pool2 is being maxed out, is there a way I can move or share some the memory from pool 1 to pool 2.Thanks

3560 X                   Have have one switch setup for a local SPAN port (source Gi0/14 - destination Gi0/20).It works great.Now I have need to send copies from *another* switch to that same destination port.I know I can do  RSPAN to do that, but I ...

I am having the same issue as listed in the following case:https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/161768However- even when this is set as an access port- it is not doing rate limiting- should be rate limited to 2Mb (one port traffic goes in- one port...

I have two switches in our cabinet. One is a cisco small business PoE switch and the other is a netgear poe switch.The netgear is our main switch, and the cisco one we have just acquired from Vodafone.I want to link both switches together so anything...

HiIn a 4507 we activate the IP Base License. The evaluation period is over.The Switch is up an running. This partial output of the show versionLicense Level: ipbase   Type: Default. No valid license found. Next reboot license Level: ipbaseThe output ...

Hello All,I have 3750X stacked with 2 switches.I am trying to span more than 1 destination, so I have the below configuration, but I don't see span traffic going to Gi1/0/22-24 (my server nic showing 0 receive).  Only span that is working is the firs...

CiscoGirl by Beginner
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Hello TeamWe have 2 tier architecture network setup wherein cat 6509 VSS (Running IOS 15.1(2)SY) is configured as the core and stacks of Cat 3750 Switches (running ios 15.0(2)SE) are configured at the access layer. DHCP servers are directly connected...

sameermunj by Beginner
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Hello.We are studying a solution to re-new our two catalyst 65xx.Now we have a 6513 (not E) and a 6509-E chassis.We'd like to buy two new vs-720-10g-3c supervisors.Is it possible to combine the two switches into a single VSS?And another important que...

Resolved! WS-C4510R+E

Hello, I am attempting an IOS upgrade on my Cat4k's. I've got two 4510R+E switches. I'm upgrading from 3.2.1.SG to 3.4.2.SG. As you can see below I've got 3.4.2 downloaded and stored in flash. The next step is to set the boot variable and reload. The...

Dears,when I had an issue troubleshooting, i noticed that ACLs count for ICMP messages twice as they are, is that real behlavour and why?, or I have a loop in my network? My topology was two dircet Switches (SW2 & SW4) connected directly to each othe...

Hi,I am trying to configure ISP failover on my ASA, here is the commands I have used so far ASA(config)# sla monitor 10ASA(config-sla-monitor)# type echo protocol ipicmpEcho interface outsideASA(config-sla-monitor)# num-packets 3ASA(config-sl...

daniel2907 by Beginner
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Hello,I was trying to move a interface from a VDC to another.Found the document: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/nx-os/virtual_device_context/configuration/guide/vdc_mgmt.html#wp1170127And tryed to remove from VDC.When I was tr...

imfvieira by Beginner
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Hello,I'm planning circuits for rack which will contain 4506 and ME3600X switches.Both switches have different Watts/Amps figures for chassis and for power supply.Should I plan electrical circuits based on PS specifications or on chassis specificatio...

Todd Bren by Beginner
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