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Hi,I am getting logs on Access switch 3560 CDP native VLAN mismatch, i've validated the configuration on both switch but still we are getting the error.bly-VSS-core01#sh run int  po 40Building configuration...Current configuration : 330 bytes!interfa...

varunk2k3 by Beginner
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After upgrading IOS from c2801-ipbase-mz.124-11.XJ4.bin toc2801-ipbasek9-mz.124-24.T8. Unknown protocol drops increments continously in router both internal and external fastethernet interfaces.internal is local lan. and external configured as BGP.No...

Prasad V by Beginner
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Hi All,Right now I'm using 2 cisco switches (redundant). The model for those switches is Catalyst SW-2960G-24TCL.I'm planning to add more servers to the current network but all the ports in the two switches are occupied.Could you please recommend a n...

Hello All ,                 I was having the below network                         ---((MPLS))----R2(PE)--(Area 0 )---R1----(Area120)----XR2---(Area 0)---------(PE)XR1-----------((MPLS))  ,               XR2 was having a loopback in Area 20 , and nor...

i have a one router cisco 2900 series,with a dsl link speed is  2mbps,now we are upgrading speed to 4mbps on same dsl link,i am having a problem ,before upgrading from 2mega to 4mega my internet browsing is good but after i gone for upgrade from 2 t...

Perhaps someone can help us out a little bit.  We have a Nexus switch that is connected to a bunch of servers and has an upstream connection to our core.  For some reason we see the switch transmitting a lot of jumbo packets despite the fact that non...

flyerhawk by Beginner
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         Hi guys I am needing help setting up a cisco 891W router for wireless at my house.I can get it setup to my modem with wired connections though I am a bit rusty on the Commands I saved my old config file.On the wireless side though I am havin...

wilder7bc by Beginner
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Cisco 1811W router, IOS 15.1(4)M6, DHCP server not working on internal VLAN but configuration looks OK to me.C1811W#sh run int vl252!interface Vlan252 ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly !C1811W#sh run | secti...

johnnylingo by Contributor
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