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Inter VLAN Routing Issue

Hi Guys,    We have two Separate Gateways for Data and Voice , and we have connected these two routesrs in Respective VLANs, Both network is working but there is no communication between DATA VLAN and VOICE VLAN. When we trace from DATA network it is...

Enabling PBR on 3650X

Hello All,I am trying to enable policy based routing on a new 3560x switch.The device has the following code  c3560e-universalk9-mz.122-55.SE1.bin and the IPSERVICES licenseI can create the route map in global config mode but when I try to enable pbr...

mdowrich by Beginner
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Hi ,I have a strange problem which i failed to resolve today.I have cisco 3560 G with 1000base LX SFP and connected via a MM fibre  extended approximately to a distance of 400 m and at the other end is 7606 router both are ok.Now when due to some rea...

1841 Router Low on memory; try again later

Hello,I do not know what is happening with my router, connects in a few days my users saying that the connection is not responding.So I try to access remotely and does not respond to ping.Interface console appears the message "Low on memory; try agai...

Etherchannel Trunk to AIX Issue

I have a strange issue.  We are trying to setup a Trunk over an Etherchannel for a Cisco 4507 to a IBM AIX server.  Under what we believe to be the correct configuration, each physical link goes into a state "Waiting to be aggregated".  The AIX serve...

Flapping Interfaces with service policy

Hi experts,i just configured a C6K VSS with Sup2T, 15.1SY IOS software and a WS6724-SFP module with the follwing cos config:auto qos defaulttable-map cos-discard-class-mapmap from  0 to 0map from  1 to 8map from  2 to 16map from  3 to 26map from  4 t...

ingoh by Beginner
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VLAN 1 vs VLAN something else

I inherited a network where the PCs were assigned to VLAN 1.  Running Cisco Voice on another VLAN and other things on various other VLANs.  I have always been told that VLAN 1 should be for network management only.  Is there a real downside to having...

Cisco 3660 Router For Home Cable Broadband Use

HELP! , I'm a newbie learning this networking stuff. I have a good working knowledge of TCP/IP networking. I have a Cisco 3660 router I'm wanting to use in place of a WRT54G router with my Charter cable internet service. I saw a youtube video where a...

Back2life by Beginner
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macsec client requirement

What is required to implement MacSec on client side?I just watched the webinar on configuring the MacSec and saw that the host was using the NAM configuration utility and AnyConnect Secure client.  Are they required to implement MacSec to client? Als...

One PK/SDN support for 3850

Hello,With the recent release of Cisco 3850 to support One PK, just wondering if this can be enabled for OnePK out of the box. I believe the IOSd release is 15.x and just wondering if there is any guide available to enable the switch for OnePK. Also,...

Mac-Address Question

Hi AllI have a very easily answered question.I have noticed on a 6509 I am working on, that when I do a "show mac-address interface gx/x" no mac address comes back.If I do a show arp | i x.x.x.x the ip/mac shows up, and from there if I do a show mac-...

N W by Beginner
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Access List with DHCP

Hi Everyone, We want to set the "deny all" policy on our network and only allowed ports will only be permittedOn my topology , I only put the DHCP Server and the client for the sake of isolation and ease of troubleshootingI have  3 VLANS, vlan 200 - ...

Resolved! Spanning Tree instance maximum

HelloI read that there is a limit of 128 spanning-tree instances per switch if using PVST, and that any instances greater than 128 do not us spanning-tree.Does the switch indicate that the 128-instance limit has been reached?  Or do you just need to ...