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hello,I have to upgrade my 9300 switches to some new IOS (with Vulnerability/Security Support)Currently I have:3xC9300-24Y (3x in stack) - IOS 17.06.032xC9300-48T (standalone) - IOS 17.03.043x9300-24T  (standalone) - IOS 17.06.04Question, is it good ...

IPhoneRZ by Level 1
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i have cat9000 doing upgrade but i'm also testing downgrade procedure. lets say upgrade from 16.6.6 to 17.6.4. so without "install remove inactive" so i have both old and new versions of pkg files in bootflash. i noticed there are conf files in the f...

chinkevi by Level 1
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HiWe have two Cisco WS-C4510R+E acting as a VSS pair running Version 03.04.00.SG software, both Core switches have been up for over well over 7 years without issues previously. Attached to these cores switches we have multiple WS-C2960L-24TS switches...


Buen dia,  Tengo 3 switch cisco 9200l a los cuales se les iba a realizar un stack para su respectiva administracion. en el switch maestro se conectar los dos Switch esclavos, se conectaron y el sw maestro los ve, al momento de reiniciar los dispositi...

Daidnalev by Level 1
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Hi snmp configuration is tried as below. I would like to know authentication password. Where is the password from? Is it from snmp server or somewhere else? Thanks SW1(config)#snmp-server user SW-View viewNetwork v3 auth sha ?WORD authentication pass...

Leftz by Level 4
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Hi there,We are trying to get some endpoint redundancy in place and have the following switch's.Room 1 - Catalyst 9300 x4 <- Brand NewRoom 2 - Catalyst 2960-X x4 <- EOL 2027Is it possible to create 2x 4 Stacks and then setup active/active between the...

munchl4xx by Level 1
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Is it necessary to distribute the public key to the router/switch in order to use the ansible ping?I can ssh to the switches using normal ssh but when i use ansible this is the erroransible all -i inventory -m ping10.92.38.31 | UNREACHABLE! => {"chan...

Jeric by Level 1
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Hello Team !I'm a student and i've been tasked to create a network with multiple Vlans on a Cisco Business 220 switch connected to a Stormshield Router, so in short i'm trying to deploy a "Router on a Stick".I'm having trouble deploying a tagged Vlan...

Aidaran by Level 1
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