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Resolved! Share an ACL

Hi all,Question, is it possible to share an ACL over multiple switches? We have a C3750 stack, a couple of C3560s and 2 C3550s. I want to make an ACL for our Access Points and place it on the ports to which the Access Points connect. It would help if...

OSPF area Authentication

Hi,I am new in implementing ospf routing, i am bit confused on network statement and redistribute connected subnets advetisement my objective here is only authenticate or secure ospf neighbor. Say for example, I have 4 vlans configure its with HSRP a...

Resolved! IGMP Host version ?

On a VLAN I enable IGMP version 3:interface VLAN20 ... ip igmp version 3 ...with "show ip igmp interface" I see: Internet address is IGMP is enabled on interface Current IGMP host version is 2 Current IGMP router version is 3Questi...

grodoni by Beginner
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Resolved! "triangle" switchs topology

Hello,Here I have some questions about a "basic" topology with 3 switches.I have 3 switch inter-connected ( two are Catalyst 3550 and a stack of two Catalyst 3750).Here a little exemple:( /!\ All of my link are up, in trunk 802.1q mode).the configura...


Dear all,I'm new to Cisco Nexus.  Does anyone knows where i can get some high-level training (don't need the details) as i just need to understand some high level concepts and design guidelines for it.Short simple videos will be perfect, but online l...

Resolved! Routing from g0/0 to g0/1 for cisco 1941

Hi All,     I am new to the routing configuration. Below is the setup diagram:                                   PC1 (                                             |                                             |                             ...

phuayhow01 by Beginner
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Slow upload speed behind cisco router

       Hi All,I have working internet behind cisco 2811 on all vlans however upload speed is very slow and ftp server download is slow and times out, previously when directly connected to modem/router was fine, anyone there to help? This is router co...

Cat 6500 Sup 2T and 6848 line card QoS question

Hello,I am trying to wrap my head around Cat 6500 QoS with the new Sup 2T and 6848 line card and the new more-MQC-like QoS.I am working with a client that intends to connect some servers and even a few power users to a 6500 with Sup 2T and 6848.I hav...

nick.mueller by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Tracing packets on layer2?

Hey everyone,I got a quick question for you. A while ago, when I watched some switching video tutorials, I think I heard there is a Layer2 equivalent to Layer3 trace routing. Like you trace hops packet goes through with traceroute, there is supposed ...

3560G-48 POE Issue

We have a Catalyst 3560G-48 POE that had some POE problems.  The switch had been in service, with no problems, for at least the past 6 months with only one POE device running off it, an AIR-AP1242AG-A-KP on port 48.  We are in the process of implemen...

fasteddye by Beginner
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