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Hi I wonder if somebody could clarify my understanding of STP. As I understand: STP is used at layer two to prevent loops within the network. It logically disables a link to prevent looping. When the switches are connected BPDU packets are exchanged ...

jk865 by Level 1
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Hello Guys,I am having a pretty hard time figuring out the equivalent VLAN configurations of the netGear.I am totally new to netgear's switching and its approche regarding VLANs since I worked almost my whole life with CISCO switchs.I did my research...

Hi I was wondering if somebody would be kind enough to clarify my understanding on the concept of Ether channel and let me know if I'm missing anything important. Ether channel combines multiple physical links into one logical link (port channel) to ...

jk865 by Level 1
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Hello;I have this configuration in my network.i want to implement filtering with ACL in EIGRP.This is my configHQrouter eigrp 226network staticneighbor x.y.32.253 GigabitEthernet0/0/0neighb...

I have 3850 switch running in version 16.6.8 and few interfaces having packet drops, like connections going to access points.after a bit of research I come up with this configuration. Is this correct? This 3850 switches are use only for end users (wi...

Alan.A by Level 1
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I have been tasked to configure mentioned cisco switch (in work), although I don't have experiences with configuring switches I have managed to do some basic configuration to some extent. Situation is depicted below. We have intranet connection and i...

Mar7in by Level 1
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HiI don't understand what license need to configure ACL (Access List) to new switch Cisco.Can C9200L configure this full feature in ingress and egress? And which license type need?The question is quite strange but I have discovered that other manufac...

After issuing "reload" command switch produced following information:umount: /proc/fs/nfsd: not mountedUnmounting ng3k filesystems...Unmounted /dev/sda3...Warning! - some ng3k filesystems may not have unmounted cleanly...Is these messages indicate on...

Alex1962 by Level 1
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Hello. I upgraded five of 3850-48F-L from 03.02.03.SE to16.12.6. After reload SYST was blinking fast (for about 2 hours) and nothing done. No output from console. After turning them off and turning them on there is no light on front panel and still n...

kriza by Level 1
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