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Main Router:interface Loopback0 ip address ip nat outsideinterface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip nat inside ip policy route-map NAT-EEinterface FastEthernet0/1 ip address ip n...

Matt.Gent by Beginner
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Dear All,when reading cisco documentation about the OSPF virtual links, I had come accross the following statement -All areas in an OSPF autonomous system must be physically connected to the backbone area (area 0).       why they should be physically...

Hello guys, hoping you can help me out. I have recently  implimented an RV016 device into our network. We have a bonded T1  service with Paetec/Windstream (5 static IPs) and also a cable  connection with Comcast (no static IP). The T1 has been our pr...

Dear All,I have configured OSPF in packet tracer.Please find the diagram and below configuration -for R1 -interface Loopback0ip address!interface FastEthernet0/0no ip addressduplex autospeed autoshutdown!interface FastEthernet0/1ip ...

Hi,Simple query...Is it possible to to build a Layer 3 ether channel from two seperate physical switches (layer3) that are trunked together?I know you can easily do this on a single switch and  on stacked switches which I've done but in this case the...

Hi,We want to stack 2 Catalyst 3850 together, each Catalyst 3850 have 2 power supply. Can we stacking 2 Catalyst 3850 with stackwise only ( data stack ) and without stackpower?Best Regards,Jackson

jackson.ku by Participant
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Hi,i have a cisco router (3900 series) and a add on module (4 x 1 Gig port module). For some reason i cant seem to port channel them and cant do routing (can set an ip address on those ports). I can do port channel and routing on  on-board ports. Do ...

Hey there. We have introduced a new standard model for small switches in our business. The new is a WS-C2960CG-8TC-L. But I find very little information on Cisco's pages when I search for this model. Eg. an overview of available software etc. Is ther...

jenssk by Beginner
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i stack to 2 cisco 3750 switchs.  i used show version command to see the ios version. one switch,s version is 12.1(14r) another one is 12.2(25r). Is it okey or is it problem???