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Resolved! SF200 and SG300

Hi, I have in my office switch Cisco Small business series SG300 with 50 x 1G ethernet ports. Now I wanna enlarge my network. I want to buy Cisco SF200-48 with 2 x combo Gigabit SFP . My question: is it possible to connect SF200-48 to 300Series at 1G...

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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                   Hi everyone,Need to know if  below router will support VRF and Encap Dot1q.I tried no luck.sh verCisco Internetwork Operating System SoftwareIOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-IO-M), Version 12.0(4)T,  RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Copyright (...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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             Hi,I just setup my homelab today, after having Cat5e installed so I can run my servers and network equiptment over wired network as well as setting up a wireless system.  I got everything setup and its going great I can access everything...

wilder7bc by Beginner
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Hello folks.  I am wondering what the pros/cons might be of using a N7k pair for our DC distribution and via the use of VDCs also have it functionas the core for our backbone network?   We are a small general purpose data center 250+ servers with abo...

c.fuller by Beginner
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Hi all,We have this case :A CISCO 3750-X stack with several VLANs  and many ACLs applied to the virtual interfaces. Intervlan routing is on. Connected to this stack are VMware hosts and with about 500 VMs.We started using the ACLs to allow connectiv...

johnramz by Beginner
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                   Hi Everyone,We have server directly connected to switch as access  port.Server port config  on switch portswitchport access vlan 590switchport mode accessspanning-tree portfastSwitch has SVI vlan 590 and it is up up.Below is config...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,is it possible to configure a Cisco 881 router to split the incoming internet connection between two ASA's? If one ASA fails then the router would switch traffic over to the second ASA. The 2nd ASA would takeover from the primary ASA through the a...

I have two 3550 layer 3 switches setup and the other day the were rworking just fine.  Somewhere I changed somehting (don't remember what) and now one switch goes out the correct ISP provider and the ohter one does not.I am using IP SLA to choose whi...