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I am using a Cisco SG-300 28 port switch in layer 3 mode as my default gateway for all my devices. I have two vlans on the switch, vlan 1 and vlan 4. Both are pulling valid IP addresses in their scope from the DHCP server, and both have valid DNS set...

I have two routers that are connected to each other via a DMVPN. The topology looks like this: R1---->R2----(DMVPN CLOUD)---R3----->R4. The link between R1 and R2 uses OSPF and then networks are advertised from R1 to R2 via BGP. The same happens betw...

Hi:I am not sure if what I am trying to accomplish is possible. On my internal network I have the following VLANs setup (102, 104, 106) and they map one to one to a subnet (ie: 102 =, 104 =, etc).All interVLAN routin...

I have an internal DVR system that I am trying to share to the outside world.  We recently put in an ASA5505 and I am having trouble getting the settings correct. I want to use an external IP to access the DVR system from anywhere and have my ASA5505...

Is it possible to use a Microsoft DHCP server as a primary server, and use a cisco router as an automatic failover backup in the event of an equipment failure? How?Does the setting ip helper-address make the router ignore the broadcasts that it forwa...

nkillgore by Level 1
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Hi,     I was wondering if there was an easy way to list  all the areas that are configured on the all the ABRs without having to  go to each one and check them.  Like if I'm on one of the Backbone  routers that's not connected to any ABRs, can I see...

bill1277 by Level 1
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Hey there,I am looking to introduce multiple VLANs to my network to improve security.  I understand the easy concepts, but I am having trouble figuring out how I would set up what I am looking for on my switches, router, etc.  Below is the layout of ...

Resolved! Meraki

I've deliberately not posted this under the wireless section, as I want to try and understand more about Meraki in relation to the campus LAN. Does anyone have any Meraki experience, particularly around their switches and firewalls?I'm trying to unde...

shillings by Level 4
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I am trying to get logged into the web interface of one of my switches. I have the following in my config:ip http serverip http authentication aaaip http secure-serverand I also setup a trivial username/password to test. This switch is setup to use R...

Hi everybody.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/iosswrel/ps6537/ps6555/ps6601/prod_white_paper0900aecd80406232.htmlHow Does the Router or Switch Determine Which Flows to Export to the NetFlow Collector Server? A  flow is ready for export when...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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HiI request help.How to configure a module NM-16ESW because with the command "show diag" and "show int" can not query it.Note: the default IOS is installed, you will need to upgrade to a specific '.thank youLuiz Fernando

lfcunha by Level 1
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           Hello,I'm trying to test port-security in my c3550 but when I show port-security int f0/23 shows it only "Disabled" as below:     sh runinterface FastEthernet0/23switchport access vlan 200switchport mode dynamic desirableswitchport port-se...