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Resolved! C9606R VLAN trunk problem

I have a new C9606R switch I start configuration from scratch   Building configuration... Current configuration : 22363 bytes ! ! Last configuration change at 10:10:42 UTC Tue Jul 13 2021 ! version 17.3 service timestamps debug datetime msec service...

am.steen by Beginner
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STP loopguard taking effect

HelloDoes STP loopguard configuration take effect immediately or does STP instance need to be restarted? We disabled loopguard on a port since the link we are moving to does not support STP, however the vlan still got blocked: interface GigabitEthern...

chrisc100 by Beginner
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Resolved! VG224 CF error

Hello, If a VG224 reads the following when searching for directory contents, what kind of problem am I facing with it?---------------------------------------------rommon 6 > dir slot0:open: file "c2400-atafslib-m" not foundopen (): Open Error - -1loa...

C819 4G modem not recognized

Hi All,Since a couple days I'm experiencing an issue with a C819-4G router.The 4G connection unexpectedly disconnected, and I am unable to get it connected again.There have been no configuration changes, and this config works fine in a spare router.I...

ACE30-MOD-K9 password reset with Redundancy

Hi Friends!I have two ACE30-MOD-K9 modules Installed in two Catalyst 6500 switches. I have redundancy between these two modules.I forgot my CLI admin password and want to reset password of these two modules.in documents I found how to reset modules' ...

JohnJudi by Beginner
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SG300 - POE issue

Hi i have sg300 with version it looks like there is some issue with POE configuration, i have unify access point (AC-LR) that power consumption is 6500mw,  * i have 6 of them connected, once i'm connecting the 7th ap port is not coming up. *...

Screenshot_1.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg
yaloosh by Beginner
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BASIC STP Question

Folks - please forgive my stupidity, but it's been a while since I gave STP more than 2 seconds of mind-time. So...every, and I mean every, tutorial I read/watch on You Tube shows how STP convergence takes place by showcasing only the connections bet...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Physically re-ording switches in a stack

During the hardware replacement of a 5 member switch stack, I realized after cabling two of the five switches that the switches were configured out of order. I had prepared them in order and after racking them I verified their order with serial numbe...

DHGmem by Beginner
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OTV & Spanning Tree

Hello Experts!I was hopeful we could get some help on this question:The data centers are interconnected with OTV over a DCI. There are VLAN’s that exist at both DC1 and DC2, and at the hospitals (wireless is one example). There is a concern that OTV ...

stbrewer by Cisco Employee
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