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I have a new network I am setting up in our server room using two Nexus 5596 and several FEX connecting back to them, and in general, it works great.However, our cluster needs to do PXE booting in order to reinstall nodes when they are first installe...

Dear Friends, I am facing a problem with 6509 VSS. I want to divert few traffic from one of the SVI to the Sonicwall Firewall which is directly connected to my VSS. I have created a PBR on he VSS and applied it on the SVI. But packet are not coming t...

Hello Everyone,We have a design of two 6509 running in a VSS with dual supervisor each having fthree 10/100/1000mb etherner modules. We have diagnosed a wierd problem that none of the switchports in module 1 and 2 on either switches are having layer2...

niterid3r by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a problem, here are the situation- 1 Catalyst 3750- 1 Catalyst 2960- 4 Finger Print- 1 HUBConfiguration- Catalyst 3750         Interface VLAN182               IP Address         Interface G0/2               D...