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Resolved! DHCP Offer, but no ACK from client on VLan

Hi.  We are experiencing what I believe to be a routing issue, but cannot identify it.  1 Cisco switch stack (SGE2010) in L3 mode, 2 Vlans.  Vlan 1 =, untagged on all ports except 14/15Vlan 2 =, untagged on port 14 an...

jeff.ewing by Beginner
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3560 egress PQ limiting

Hi all,I'm trying to understand the behaviour of egress PQ in 3560. Some credible sources claim that such a queue ignores shaping/sharing and can starve other queues. Is it possible to limit egress PQ? It seems that this topic is matter of debates as...

Resolved! WS-X6724-SFP= and DFC3 ordering question.

                   Hello guys!When ordering a WS-X6724-SFP= with DFC3C included and no memory option is selected, the Dynamic Configurator Tool automatically includes the memory option of 512MB (MEM-XCEF720-512M) at no cost. But, on the other hand, w...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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Sharing a printer between 2 VLANS

We have a SGE2010 48 port POE switch and need to share a printer with a subtennant.  We do not want to give them access to any other resources.Our LAN is  - the printer is at sub-tennats LAN is belive I ...

bilskya666 by Beginner
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can't see any debug message on 1800 router

                   Hello,    I have strange problem with 1800 router , I can't see any debug messaging , the ping from PC to this router is Ok , but no icmp debug appears , even I enable "debug ip icmp "  the version of router is : C181X Software (C1...

Resolved! Same DHCP server serving requests for 2 VLANs

Hi,I have several Cata 3500XL switches connected to one 1 HP L3 switch which is connected Sonicwall router. Vlan1 has subnet of and Microsoft DCHP server lays inside VLAN1. Now i want to add VLAN11  ( as second data VLAN ...

Damir Reic by Beginner
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Hi,Can anyone please help me with any configuration guide for EHWIC-4ESW card please...also the difference in configuration between EHWIC-4ESWG and HWIC-4ESW if any?