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Hello.I hope i found help here. I have a cisco 3560 8 port switch. I really would lime to have the webinterface enabled. So i downloaded the archive from cisco. I extracted the archive to the flash of the switch. After rebooting the device everything...

weichmann by Beginner
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Im still having problems grasping this topic. I get the jist of it in theoretical use as we use it to send untagged frames across a trunked link. My question I guess would be how is it relevant in today's networks? Why are we sending these frames unt...

BL00DFL00D by Beginner
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I tried enabling ospf on a Cisco Cat3750, model number: WS-C3750E-48PD-S. But it says "Protocol not in this image". I looked on cisco's website for a download for a IPServicesK9 or a Advanced IPServicesK9 image to re-image the switch with but it seem...

Hello, I am trying to verify I have logging working.  I have the following logging configured:logging buffered 16000 informationallogging monitor informationalI have tried generating traffic, all kindsWhen I do:sh log | inc (ip address source)I don't...

I am trying to do ios upgrade on 5 stacked 3750 switches. All the switches have different model number, so i am wondering which image file i should download. As far as i understand all the stacked switches should have the same IOS, i may be wrong. Th...

hrafique1 by Beginner
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I am trying to find a command for dhcp snooping rate-limiting on a CatOS. The PFC card is PFC. PFC3B is said to support that command. But there seems no this command.thanks,Han-6k> (enable) sh verWS-C6509-E Software, Version NmpSW: 8.4(5)Copyright (c...

hanwucisco by Beginner
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Yesterday a coleagu accdently removed the CF card from the router now the router does no longer want to boot completely.It extracts the image from the CF card but when it has to initialize the configuration it stucks there for hours. Can it be that t...

Hi,for MACsec to be operational the two switches needs to be  interconnected directly, as far as I know.Does MACsec works over Ethernet-over-SDH links ?  Are there any limitations ?Thanks for any information,regardsMetod.

mplatise by Beginner
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