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Hello everybody.Got a stack with 2 members on iOS 15: Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------*    1 54    WS-C3750X-48P      15.0(1)SE3            C3750E-UNIVERSAL...

Hello,I am working on a project to re-design the network architecture of a client. This client has the typical network architecture with a pair of 6500s acting as CORE switches and the rest of access switches directly connected to these devices - COL...

Joselgil17 by Beginner
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Dear Alli facing problem with my switch cisco 3560G, when it power on only System light is green and noting happen.  i check with serial cable ( Console) but noting happen  no booting. any body have any idea the reson of this or it flash problem Nass...

Resolved! 2960 Switch Crash

I have a number of 2960 switches that have crashed without any reason                   Under show versionSystem returned to ROM by address error at PC 0x108971C, address 0x0System returned to ROM by address error at PC 0x1021770, address 0x0Is this ...

Hello Experts:My company has contracted Verizon Business to install an MPLS network for our eight largest offices in the US and Canada. In our primary data center they will give us a Cisco 3825 router with one outside interface and two inside interfa...

ray_stone by Beginner
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We have configured following flexible netflow on our ASR router flow monitor FLOW-MONITOR-1 cache entries 1024 record netflow ipv4 original-output WAN Interface ip flow monitor FLOW-MONITOR-1 output However we are not able to get our required show re...

Asim Afzal by Beginner
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Hello,We have three Cisco 3750 - 48port  POE -LAN switches and i am trying to see if there are any issues when we stack POE and Non-POE type of switches.Aslo looking for information on the advanatage and disadvantage the stacking can provide on a Cis...

c.adisesh by Beginner
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hi guys :i have following scenariovery simple,  4 routers runing ospf ,  i want to allow PC0 visit web server through the top route and other traffic (i.e. DNS) from bottom route. OSPF at R0 by default is running load balance betweeb R1 and R2, so th...

dannan lin by Beginner
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I currenty have a Nexus 5010 connected to a core 3750X switch stack  in a VPC trunk using 2  1Gbps links.  I want to move this link to 2  10Gbps links without losing connectivity.  So I want remove a 1G link  and move it to 10G and then once that's u...

rchilcote by Beginner
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Hello,Is there a backbone switch/router that supports at least 48-port 10/100/1000 ethernet, 8-port 100base-X SFP,800 Gbps switching fabric performance, and provide at least 10 slots?                   6513-E's switching fabric performance does not m...

Hi,I need to configure the port forwarding on Cisco 887 to forward port  22 on Public IP to a LAN IP port 2200. I don't know anything on Cisco  router at all, beside telnet to the cisco and quit . Please provide step  by step command. Thanks a lot.

Hello i am trying to setup vlans. am i am stuck will this config work. vlan1 is getting dhcp from win 2008 server and vlan 2 from trixbox dhcp. do i need the dhcp help in the vlan 2. ip helper-address XXX.XXX.XXX ALSO WHAT EXACTLY PLUGS INTO THE ACCE...

Hey,I had a question on the test yesterday that I am going to try and remember, but may screw it up.  Maybe some others can remember a similar question and get it correct for me.It have you an address and asked you that you needed to have 80 subnets ...

gene.uhl by Beginner
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