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I have two sites one is our main site and the other is our backup site. Both sites have static routes in the core switches and some are duplicate address  on both cores just pointing to different firewalls if our main site lost connectivity. I would ...

Hi,I am going to terminate mutiple ISP's connecting on the same 1941 router.After the router there is a ASA5515X device which will be primarily doing IPS as well as perimeter security..Behind the firewall there are two servers which are going to be a...

Hi,We will need to get 2 x E1 aggregated to make 4M. The existing 1841 that we have has already a VWIC2-1MFT-G703 card. Is it ok to only add another VWIC2-1MFT-G703 card or do we need to add a VWIC2-2MFT-G703 instead?Thanks in advance.

jacinto1m by Level 1
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Hi,we have Nexus 7K on production. 7K chasis is not load balancing with non-cisco devices with etherchannel or LACP.. I have tried all load balancing algorithms but it does help.# sh port-channel traffic ChanId      Port Rx-Ucst Tx-Ucst Rx-Mcst Tx-Mc...

Hi,I have one out of three Catalyst Express 520's I cannot connect to with Cisco Configuration Assistant or with a browser. I've used Wireshark to capture the problem, and it sends a TCP RST packet immediately upon any such connection attempt.As thes...

lcaruso by Level 6
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Hello,I am looking for good design options to segregate different customer traffic behind asa firewall. Lets say I have multiple routers from different customers connected behind my asa firewall. One way is to just asign a dmz to customers and nat th...

Hello community,I am having trouble's with getting DNS to work on my inside interface of my router. It is translating from the external interface but when I put in a source vlan 1 ping to say google.com I get no reply.  the following output displays ...

I have a situation where DHCP leases and  other serivces are a lot slower than the services that are requested from an IP phone. When plugging the computer directing into the port the computer gets an IP 10 to 15 secs slower than if the computer is p...

   HI.I was Just reading about the DUAL algorithm.It says that a queried neighbouring router considers a route to be loop-free If It Is passive for the listed prefix.How does only knowing the prefix Is passive clarify whether It's loop free or not? D...

Reprovoid by Level 1
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Hi,Faulty 3750 switch was removed from the stack. and then it was showing the removed switch as provisioned switch. Switch#  Role      Mac Address     Priority     State--------------------------------------------------------*2       Master    001a.6...