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VTP Securised with 2 password ?

Dear all,I created a vtp domain with 2 servers. My question is :If I have ten Switch's, half connected with the corresponding password of the VTP server 1 and half connected with the corresponding password of the VTP server 2, does it mean the VTP Fr...

Messed up CF format for 3725

OK I am a twit..I have 3725 router with internal CF and external slot for CF.I tried upgrading and ended up deleting the iOS version on the internal flash, and can not now put the iOS back!!Even more stupidly I turned it off.... so there was no activ...

radiomean by Beginner
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SNMP discovery between vlans?

We have a customer with Cisco switches and a Cisco WLC with AP's. He is trying to use a program that uses snmp discovery and we thought it might be the wireless, but found out through wireshark that the SNMP discovery isnt working between vlans.  Wha...

Network Re-design L2->L3 Advice

Hello,I have a small network consisting of a 4510, 2 stacks of 3750s, single 3750s and single 3560s. Please see the attached diagram. The 4510 and one 3750 stack act as the core switches in the network. The rest of the 3750s and 3560s are access swit...

heher4201 by Beginner
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Question about BGP routing tshooting.

Hello there,Have a problem at job and couldnt understant what is going on with routing between vrfs.Just a quick question.From base perspective: How could it be, if I can ping ip address using specified source - and it's successful. So we can assume ...

from88 by Participant
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HELP upgrade IOS cisco switch Catalyst 2960

Hola, he bajado el ultimo IOS de cisco (122-58.SE2), para un switch WS-C2960G-24TC-L pero al tratar de montarlo via Web (interfaz grafica del administrador de dispositivo) se queda congelada la pantalla del navegador en la primera etapa en donde dice...

plafaca90 by Beginner
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C3560 Unable to load IOS

Greetings All, I recently bought a C3560 switch of off ebay for a home lab. The switch worked for a week and today when I rebooted the switch it  recieved the following messages: switch: boot flash:c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE4Loading "flash:c3560-ipb...

merryllem by Beginner
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CoS Tagging Question

Hi, good folks:Just need to verify my thinking...CoS values have no inherent significance. In and of themselves, a CoS value does not bestow any importance to a frame. The IOS does not see a frame with a CoS of 5 and somehow automatically give it mor...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Changing from PVST to Rapid-PVST

As a part of a major network cleanup/standardization project I have been working on for several weeks, I am now looking at spanning-tree and trying to get my company into line with Cisco Best Practice.  I currently have 3 switches in the data center ...