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Hi everybodyhttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3750x_3560x/software/release/12.2_55_se/configuration/guide/swdhcp82.htmlI quoted following from above link:1)The IP source binding table has bindings that are  learned by DHCP snooping...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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hi all,im trying to set up a lab im doing,ive got most of it configured but am having a problem entering the enc dot1q command,im using a 3620 router on ios c3620-i-m ver12.31(13a),i have the vlans all set up on the switches and can get into subinter...

Hi everyone, Im trying to configure some ports to be forwarded out to a serial interface, we have installed voip phones (not cisco) and i want them to use only the serial port.this is the sh run output. needless to say i have erased some sentitive in...

Hi everybodyThe following discussion only focuses on dhcp snooping feature.  We further assume  only dhcp snooping is configured for all the scenarios i.e no ip source guard feature etc is enabled.Dhcp snooping combats two issues;Detection of rogue d...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hi guys, I got this configuration question which I am puzzled. Refer to the attachment. I got 2 L3 switches and the requirement is that based on the vlan tagged from L2 switch, the respective L3 switch should handle the vlan routing. And both L3 swit...

jason.tan by Level 1
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Hi AllI'm working to configure route map to set high preferance for a specific subnet. I want to ensure the same routemap should not filter the other subnet routing advertisements. As far as I know route-map is like ACL,by default will there be expli...

Hellocan anyone tell  scalable design which meets the following requirementtwo main locations are 3KM distance . Each department has 3 seperate buildings distance between buildings are 30M . There should be VPN access and security with a firewall as ...

Hi everybodyBelow is the excerpt from my book:For messages received on trusted ports, no validation is performed. For messages received on untrusted ports, the following steps are taken:1)DHCP messages with a nonzero relay agent/gateway IP address (a...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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I have a bunch of 3750x switches that each have a 10 gig routed link back to a central 4507 (loopback = carved up a /24 (of course, the /24 doesn't really exist except in our address tracking spreadsheet) into a bunch of /30's for ...

ds6123 by Level 1
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I just purchased an SG300-10 (negular, non-POE) and planning on using it with no special configuratinos initially. Longer term, will be using VLAN and QOS to help VOIP.What I would like to know is if ports 9 & 10 can be used as standard copper cat5e ...

Hello.Is there a possibility to transfer files between two N5k's via mgmt0 using TFTP protocol?Source: One N5k's mgmt0 interfaceDestination: Another Nk5' mgmt0 interfaceI know when issuing "copy bootflash tftp" or vice versa, I need to specify manage...