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Good Afternoon everyone,   I have assignment that i need to create full "Network", using all device like switch, hub, server ..etc. The problem that i force that i need to use "Sniffer" its first time to me using that device.   I need help how can i ...

Salim.H.H by Level 1
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Our vulnerability scan detected the vulnerability "Unix Operating System Unsupported Version Detection (33850)" for cisco ESA in AsyncOS version 13.5.2-036, as a complementary information shows the display: FreeBSD 10.4 support ended on 2018-10-31. U...

I have an issue with DHCP in  IOS-XE C9300 version 17.03.03.VLANs are configured with ip-helper-address X.X.X.X, the configuration was working fine in the old switch C3850, But now clients take a long time to get an ip address , and sometimes  they d...

medharrak by Level 1
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Dears, I am struggling to find out how to configure Voice Vlan on cisco Switch IE-1000, it is  mandatory for our operation, as we have one port and we need to connect the phone as well as the data port. looking for your support and ideas. Thanks  Act...

i need assistance with copy the flash of a 2960G switch in a directory to a TFTP server. on every attempt to copy the flash i get the follow error:Cisco#sh flash:Directory of flash:/    2  -rwx        1696  Feb 28 1993 19:02:24 -05:00  vlan.dat    3 ...

Hello, I bought Cisco C9200L-24P-4X switch connected the switch in my existing network VTP configured, shows the Vlan in my L3 Switch, broadcast is happening in all Vlan, bu i am not able ping the Switch IP