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The switch performs a random self-reboot.

Hello,I need help with the switch C9200L 24-port PoE+ 4x10G, firmware cat9k_lite_iosxe_17_10_01_SPA.The switch performs a random self-reboot several time a day.Switch doesn't work in stack.Any idea?

TLJ by Beginner
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LACP Load Balancing Method

We have two stack of 3750-X switchs interconnected through LACP, and a CheckPoint Firewall connected to one of the stack. The Firewall use a LACP bond to connect to the 3750-X Stack. On the Cisco switches we don't use any Layer3 functionality. Since ...

hschlecht by Beginner
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Cisco ISSU 9500 upgrade issue

Hi, we did upgrade from 16.12.5b to 17.3.4 as ISSU.found too late ISSU matrix telling is not supported...during upgrade chassis fell into a constant bootloop which we had to break using ROMMON. now we try and stuck at:switch5#install abort issu may y...

Resolved! Catalyst 4506-E switch stuck in rommon mode

I have an old cisco catalyst LE switch 4506-E, I have been using it for long period. Now when i power on, it displays the below error and goes to rommon mode.**************************************************************** ** Rom Monitor NVRAM config...

ahmeeIT by Beginner
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Cisco Nexus not talking to Cisco Catalyst

I'm trying to setup a pair of new Cisco Nexus 93180's to handle heavy lifting, I have a few vmware hosts connected to it to handle frontend traffic but the Nexus switches won't communicate with the Cisco catalyst switches. Currently two of the vlans ...

seola30 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco isr 1101

Good day, Can some one please explain to me what i have wrong. Currently i am trying to setup this cisco isr 1101 to use in my home. current setup would be isp --- cisco isr (0/0/0) wan  cisco isr (0/1/0) or (0/1/3) lan ---- to netgear managed swtich...

jamFos754 by Beginner
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Help finding network switch

Hello Cisco Community, I'm trying to find a product example of network switches which matches each of the specifications below:   Layer 2 Switch - PoE+ 48x 1GbE + 2x 10GbE SFP+ fixed ports And a Layer 3 Switch - PoE+ 24x 1GbE + 2x 10GbE SFP+ fixed po...

ahlibert by Beginner
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Resolved! C2960l portal

I want to configure external third-party portal authentication on the C2960 to implement web authentication login for end users. But I can't find the corresponding setup documentation, can anyone help me?

zp_cai by Beginner
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9200 switch abnormal error

Hello everyoneabout 3-4 of my 9200 switch have shown a abnormal behavior.Users get disconnected, I am not able to Ssh or tenet the switch. when I am console accessing the switch then I am getting a unusual output:  data pattern error 0 0xff506 in cis...