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HelloI have configured pbr on 2821. And the next hop on route map is pointing another subnet and not same as the router interface to which route map is applied. should this type of configuration work. ios version is 12.4I dont see anything on debug i...

Hi,Our LAN consists of cisco 2960 24TTL-48TTL model series as access switches. when configuring speed and duplex for ports the following issues we are facing 1. we have configuring trunk ports of ACcess switches with speed and duplex and its respecti...

HI,I have 3560G L3 switch i configured 6 VLN's in this switch i have given different ip subnetmasks for vlans  but vlans not able access internet.i am using host gatway of vlan ip addres.

HI In cisco router 2911 how to creat a network object with port permission on ACL. herz what i have done but couldnt succeed inport 22 and 24 should be denied and rest all port services are allowed to outside interface----- object-group service SPVOI...

Trying to control capacity utilization for guest users connecting to a 2960 switch. No problem for IPv4 users, but IPv6 is giving me fits. What I've found out by trial and error so far implies that there is just enough IPv6 smarts in a WS-C2960-24TT-...

vcjones by Contributor
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Hello,Correct me if Iam wrong...Etherchannel between 2switches considered as single link where as Primary trunk & backup trunk considered 2 seperate links.With STP/RSTP the convergence will be on the link incase primary trunk failure (for dual trunk)...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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All of our VoIP phones bounced (re-registered) in the middle of the work day and we do not know why. There is no maintenance going on at this time. The phones came back up right away. Upon further investigation, I only found one error message on our ...

vinhqtran by Beginner
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Hi All,If we have 3 stacked 3750s running Layer 3. Do we need license for every switch? or is it one license for the 3 switches? Also is the license associated with the MAC address of a specific switch? What i am trying to know also, is if we have to...

Hi all,Happy holidays!I was trying to implement this in my Lab.Frame Relay Multipoint config ****************Router A config2691Router#sh run int se0/0Building configuration...Current configuration : 259 bytes!interface Serial0/0 ip address 192.168.1...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hey, I was trying to debug some ping packets but I am having a diffucult time. I've been able to do this before but for some reason it's not working.I have done the following configuration.access-list 111 permit icmp host a.a.a.a host z.z.z.zdebug ip...