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Resolved! switch stack

Hello All,Please help me on how to stack together 3 3750 or 3650 switches. What are the configuration steps involved.Does the configuration done on master sync by itself to the slaves once the stack is created.Thanks in advance

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Restrict tftp client

I am a newbie to advanced configuration of a switch, so please excuse my ignorance. I would like to restrict where my tftp server can connect to. Can anyone provide me with some guidance. I am using a Catalyst 3750 v2 switch in a lab environment.Than...

backup static route -- not a default route

Here's the scenario:I have an L3 switch that connects to an ASA then to a router that  gets to the internet.  The ASA controls all VPN connections so I have a  route set on the L3 switch to send connections to a specific IP to the  ASA, then the ASA ...

Native VLAN mismatch

If there is a NATIVE VLAN mismatch on either side of an 802.1Q trunk, layer-2 loops may occur because VLAN 1 STP bridge protocol data units (BPDUs) are sent to the IEEE STP MAC adress (0180.c200.0000) untagged.Can you explain this with examples?

how to block facebook using 887G-K9

I was trying to implement a web site blocking for sites such as facebook and youtube, but with no luck.You have blocked the ip range, but in that range could be some useful sites, so you won't be able to access them.May be implementing of Access List... in the cache flow ??

Hello,We have a 7600rouer.Router#sh ip cache flow | in K ....Vl192    Vl192    06 E8A5 3E80    10KVl11       Vl106     06 0050 0EA0    13K--                ...

zesum by Beginner
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Enable SNMP3 on Nexsus 5548

Hello,I'm trying to enable SNMPv3 on my Nexuss 5548.  On my 2960 and 4900, I was able to use the commands below and snmpv3 works great.  How can I duplicate the configuration on my Nexuss 5548 so that it matches the config on my 2960.  It does not ap...

Resolved! TFTP Config

Hi,I'm looking to make saving configurations a little easier.Is there a way send my switches configurations to a tftp server with one command? Instead of copy run tftp,then tftp addresss, then the name of the config?Just trying to make things easier....

tcp normalization

Can someone tell me what tcp normalization is? And how I can tell if it is happening within a data flow? I assume you can see it in a sniffer capture.Thank you

dvanzee by Explorer
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Nexus 5548 MTU

I need to enable jumbo frames on a Nexus 5548. I only need this on four 10G ports for Netapp fillers.Can I enable jumbo frames on only these ports or do I have to do this under the default class? if so will this affect traffic in the default class th...