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I would like to set up a montoring for etherchannel so that we have alerts which are generated when we have ports leaving the etherchannel. We have monitoring setup which scans the syslog messages before generating an alert.Ideally it would work if i...

Hi,I've been reading through the documentation for our Catalyst 3750s an I wasn't quite satisfied with the info I got.  Here's the deal:  We have two stacks of 3750s, one with 5 switches, the other with 2.  Right now I want to move one switch from th...

I have two routers and would like to set these up on our network in a cluster or failover configuration. Load balancing is not necessary. I've looked at HSRP but I'm not sure if this could be used in this situation.Router 1 (3845)     interface 1 : L...

mauisys by Beginner
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There's been some discussion that an "802.1q uplink or trunk" port between a distribuition 6509 and a closet or user access layer 2 switch can be configured to trust dscp.  If I have a video unit on a 3750 for example and the user access port is conf...

tgurney by Beginner
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Hi there,Under show logs my router 2911 is showing lots of logs like these ones:****************************************************************Oct 26 15:20:31.987: %FW-4-TCP_OoO_SEG: Dropping TCP Segment: seq:1663435490 1500 bytes is out-of-order; e...

Greetings,Recently we have upgraded three of our branches (main, branch 6, branch 8, branch 9 refer to attached drawing) Point to Point T1 connections to Metro-E (3 mbp P2P Ethernet ). However, since the upgrade there has been a lot of trouble with o...

eweber1234 by Beginner
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I have connected to a brand new Cisco 1811W via the SDM and via the console.I would like to set up FE0 for a wan connection to the internet and setup DHCP available on all Ethernet ports and lastly setup 1 WIFI SSID.I have tried this numerous times b...

mrmacking by Beginner
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My boss is pushing me to make the switch configurations for our access switches as simple as possible. Basically there would be an access switch connected directly to my core switch, a Catalyst 4507. I'm not real crazy about the idea of using the upl...

jbraswell by Beginner
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There are 8 Catalyst 3750 switches installed in stack. Switch1 to 6 and 8 are detecting in stack. However Switch 7 couldn’t be detected as stack member. However Switch 7 joins to stack membership once we remove switch 8 out of stack and create switch...

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Sir,I have a network of three tiers.1) Core : 2 x 6504E (VSS)2) Dist : 2 x 3750 (Stack)3) Access : 3 x 3560 (config as layer 2)4) Layer 3 MCE is built between Core and Dist.5) VLANs are created on Dist.6) Etherchannel between Dist and Access.7) eigrp...

HiI have two custom vlan's 183 and 176.Everytime I set a mgt ip on Vlan1 and say no shutdown the switch automatically shuts down vlan 183.Is this suppose to happen?Its an old Cisco 2950 Switch.Thanks