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Resolved! formating 2900 config

i couldnt find a page that told me how to do this, i wish to format the config on my flash. If you cant just format the config file i will format all of flash but someone will need to help me with that to (just to know what to do so i dont screw it u...

IPv6 link local addressing

Hi alWith IPv6 link local addressing, Is the interface ID the mac address of the card? if not where does it get the 64 bit address from? and with link local, would vlans seperate this, or would they seperate the site local addresses ?

Resolved! Ports Issue - Strange behavior

Helloon 4500 catalyst switch I get error on two ports.show int gigabitEthernet 4/22GigabitEthernet4/22 is down, line protocol is down (notconnect)show int gigabitEthernet 4/13GigabitEthernet4/13 is up, line protocol is up (faulty)rest all ports are w...

NVRAM 2KB in size

Hi all,In 3660 router, after configuring the router while saving to NVRAM by wr mem or copy run start I am getting the message failed to save.See the below sh ver shows -2K bytes of NVRAM.What went wrong and If the nvram faulty is it field replaceabl...

Resolved! 3560 SDM Template parameter location

We have a number of options when entering the ' sdm prefer ' command for example ' desktop ' or ' routing 'The switch changes ' mode ' once the switch is rebootedMy question is , where is this parameter stored ? I can't find it in running-config , fl...

rwilletts by Beginner
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Resolved! New Setup for a Home Network

Hi Everyone,I just built a new house and am trying to get all my equipment working correctly.  Here's what I currently have:I have a high speed docsys cable modem for comcast.I have an SLM 2024 24-port gigabit switchI have a WRT610N Wirless router th...

Elricstorm by Beginner
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Resolved! VSS and Routing

I have a question about VSS and routed ports. We have a routed access layer with multi-homed L3 switches with L3 P2P links. We are wanting to implement VSS for all of our data center vlans on our two core switches but i was curious as to how VSS hand...

cowetacoit by Beginner
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Resolved! 2900 password help

i recently bought a catalyst 2924 XL on craigs list (easy solution to what i needed), but the person i bought it from doesnt know the enable password on the console line, is there a way i could grab it or reset it??need some help on this, Thanks.