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Hi,We have 2 x ws-c6506-e's and a single pix firewall, can I use the flex links comand on the 6500's to give me redundancy in case one of the 6500's fails ? 6506 -E 6506-E PIX RegardsScott.

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Can anyone help me? I have this type of problem on my 2811 router:System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x422BFEEC, address 0xEF4321D5 at 19:54:22 Tbilisi Mon Nov 8 2010System restarted at 19:57:07 tbilisi Mon Nov 8 2010it happens second time, fi...

baxta2712 by Beginner
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Hi,I need to add a subinterface to the interface1 (inside) interface to my PIX. What I want to do is to add vlan100 to the interface. With a IP address.Everytime I try to go interface ethernet1.100 it will just go back to the router(config): and not ...

etienne99 by Beginner
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Hi everyone,We've a client/server application based on a Sybase database. It's parcel software of DHL called Easylog 6.1.The client app needs to connect to a DB server.When the client and server are on the same vlan, everything works fine. But i need...

I have 2 C4507R-E with Sup V-10GE running 12.2(40)SG and I need to know if I can use the 10GB 12-port or 6-port line cards with what I have now or do I need to upgrade the supervisor modules?

Hello,can some body tell us wich command have more  precedence when is configured at an interface:interface fastethernet 0/0ip address access-group xxx inip access-group xxx outip policy route-map yyyroute-map yyy permit ...

Hi,I'm doing rspan between two 3750G connected  by trunk on etherchannel running  version 12.2(44)SE5.I only get receive traffic from the remote span vlan. I have create the remote span vlans and allowed it on the trunk interface on both sides.Switch...

satendrak by Beginner
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