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C9500 Advantages License

Hi All, We purchase a new two C9500 but bundle with network essential License and we need to make both C9500 HA by configuring Virtual Stack, HSRP or GLBP.  I can see for HA we need network advantages license, am i right? Can i know SKU for Network A...

Handian by Beginner
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Source Templates on SVI Interfaces

We want to use a source template at a SVI Interface (port channel) but this is not supported. Template sourcing is not supported on SVI interface.Switch: 9200 - version 17.06.03At the older Admin guides there is a official restrictions for interface ...

CISCO 3850 - Unknown protocol drops

Hi,   I need some advise. I have a core switch Cisco 3850. One of the port that currently connected to my PABX having issue whereby the unknown protocol drop keeps on increasing every 2-3minutes. The rest of the port seems fine. What is the root caus...

LAN Network issue " dispose ip.notgateway"

Hi, Guys, Strange network issue : Network infrastructure as below"1. Router is configured as L3 device for VLANs gateway and inter-VLAN routing2. Juniper EX4200 ( as L2/L3 configuration) is trunked to the Router, and also is trunked to server switche...

bensonlei by Beginner
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Catalyst 4500 delayed packets CoS 6 Profinet

Hi guys,We have some problems with delayed packets at our Catalyst 4500. Sometimes Profinet packets took 6ms to leave the switch. The packets are arriving every 2ms at the switch from Core and sometimes the switch is buffering 3 packets and sends the...

LeonW by Beginner
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QOS in infrastructure networks

Hi I have a 150 Mbps internet bandwidth and 50 users are allocated dedicated bandwidth of 50 Mbps, another 50 users 60 Mbps and the rest of the non-dedicated users will use 40 Mbps, what would be the configuration?Is that we can do the configuration ...


Catalyst 4948 port LED modes?

Is there any way to change the behavior of the port LEDs on a 4948-S?  Default is link state and looking for activity blink instead.  There is no "mode" button as on other Cisco switches but wasn't sure if there's a software command equivalent.

WS-C3650-24TS web user interface

Hi ,Can someone provide help please We are lost the admin access to switch WS-C3650-24TS via web user interface , but we an admin access to the cli ,is there anyway to recover the admin web password ? or can we create an admin access to the web inter...