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Not sure what is going on, but all of a sudden there are about 5-7 port on the 48 port 3850 switch where it will not boot the phone. There are other phones connected to the same switch which is working fine. I have tried the following and none of thi...

gavinr98 by Level 1
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I upgraded the IOS on one of my 3850s this past weekend.  I went from 16.9.4 to 16.12.7, which from everything I read, should not have been an issue. I had a major issue - the entire config was wiped from my switch.  Fortunately, I had a saved config...

newberntac by Level 1
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We are currently running a pair of core Nexus 9508's in nxos mode and now have requirements to add quite a few sets of "remote" leaf/ToR switches in various places in the DC. The 9508s are running OSPF and HSRP, etc. My question, the ToR switches. Is...

ThariqAli by Level 1
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Resolved! Vlan creation??

We are using few cisco  switches and all have a similar vlan (vlan 100). currently we use a new switch and wants to add this vlan100 to new switch. So can I use normal commands for creating vlan in this case.S1 (config)#vlan 100S1(config-vlan)#name o...

Hi,I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not the Cisco IE-1000 series switch supports configuration via CLI. So far I have been unable to find supporting information that demonstrates that this is possible. Can someone confirm?  Addition...

hello,I am looking for SKU codes of the licenses for 3 products. Who can help or where can I find them please?=> Cisco Email Security XaaS Subscription=> Basic Support for Cisco Email Security => AntiSpam, Sophos, Outbreak Filters, Central Mgmt & Rep...

hi all,i'm trying to statically bind a PC to the router's DHCP pool but it's giving me an error.appreciate anyone's advise the correct way to enable this feature. TIA!Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:   Connection-specific DNS Suffix...