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Hion 4506 a backup VLAN is created to take all Windows server backup. Each Server has Two NIC 10/100/100[ one used for backup ] Performance on Network is slow, its a isolated VLAN it shouldn't impact LAN.So far couldn't identify the cause.Earlier t...

hican anyone tell me thre offical way of configuring the physical ports for etherchannel and the actual port channel itself, Do I need to put both the physical and virtual config of the ports the same, ie port channel set to trunk, and physical trunk...

Hello,I would like to know if some configuration exists so that these two cards work simultaneously. Since only HWIC works me. And when I remove HWIC it works me the NM-16ESW. I ignore if you can configure a stack among both cards, or other solution....

jpzarate by Beginner
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Folks:I have a few BGP questions:1.) What does it mean when a BGP speaker advertises a prefix without a prefix-length attached?sh ip bgp nei advertised-routes*> 0 0 1239 i144.223.0.92/...

lamav by Collaborator
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Hi ALL:I have 3750 switch with only voice vlan which will get ip address from the DHCP serverwhat i want to acheive is i want to connect PC to those port they should not get the ip.That is only phone should we able to communicate to communicate to se...

vishwancc by Participant
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Sorry for my bad EnglishI have following issue:I have configured ssh server on c7200 appling following commands:hostname R0ip domain name cisco.comusername valera password 0 ciscocrypto key generate rsa line vty 0 4 login transport input sshand I try...

Dear Experts,I would like your suggestions to help me Migrating PVST to RSTP. We have 2 core switches (6509 - SUP 720) connected to each other via 2 TenGig links as port-channel. Rest all the Distribution Switches (L2) (4948) are connected to Core sw...

Hi,we recently purchased 5 C3750 Switches. These switches should be used as a stack for two netowrks that need to be separated by a ACL. The problem we have is that on top of this stack, we have a firewall that we have no hands on. All outgoing traff...

hi,In our company C6509, running s72033-ipservices_wan-mz-122-33.SXH4, i found some times it might send normal unicast traffic as broadcast. like host A send unicast to host B and third host C on the same VLAN may receive this traffic.and it's interm...